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Chapter 575: A Few Words

Gu Ruxue was surprised, but soon she understood.

Since Gu Chaoyan came to the Government Office just to sue her father, Lord Huai would have to be present, since it was a very humiliating thing! Lord Huai must be very embarrassed by what his future Princess Consort was doing and maybe he was going to break off the engagement!

She would very much like to see what Gu Chaoyan would be like when she was not only driven out of the family, but also got her engagement broken off.

She got extremely excited as the idea played in her head.

She threw a glance at Gu Chaoyan and said happily, “Lord Huai is here, your marriage is doomed.”

Gu Chaoyan did not look into her eyes.

She did not even show any extra expression.

Gu Chaoyan believed that Zhou Huaijin was a man with morality and he was never going to break off their engagement, but Gu Ruxue could have the risk of getting her marriage ruined.

Just as Gu Ruxue was cheering over her ideas, Zhou Huaijin had already reached them and said seriously, “The law says that the girls should keep their own dowries, then Gu Zhenkang definitely has no right to keep them.

My future Princess Consort is a nice woman.

She knows how to defend her and her mothers rights.

She is a role model for all the women in the world, and I am very proud of her.”

Then he looked at Gu Ruxue coldly.

“You dont think that I will marry such a great girl”

“I want to marry her and I am paying one million to you Gu Zhenkang for the so-called raising fees.

Chaoyans time at the Gu Mansion has been horrible, but I dont want to go deeper into that right now,” Zhou Huaijin said to Gu Zhenkang.

Gu Zhenkang had not expected that things would become like this.

He had thought that as long as he raised the topic of raising fees, things would pass, but Lord Huai was defending this b**ch so devotedly.

For one moment, he had no idea what to say.

He looked at Gu Ruxue.

Gu Ruxue, however, was pissed.

She was not looking at Gu Zhenkang at all.

She just did not understand why the b**ch Gu Chaoyan was so popular.

She was born to a daughter of a business family and she did not even show any filial piety.

She was even so critical about the dowries! And Lord Huai was defending her the entire time.

Honestly, Gu Ruxue believed that she was the Phoenix Girl, born by Mrs.

Gu, and she was not even well-received by Lord Ling who complained about her not being capable.

She was the Phoenix Girl, the real Princess Consort, not the housekeeper who had to take care of the family business.

As she made the comparison, Gu Ruxue became even more displeased.

She then threw a look at Lord Huai, who was very handsome as well, unlike Lord Ling who looked too gentle.

She liked this man, and she was not going to let Gu Chaoyan have him! Gu Ruxue became extremely distressed.

The Officer sealed the case.

“Elder Miss, what do you think of the sentence”

Gu Chaoyan nodded.

Then the case was sealed.

The Officer said to Gu Chaoyan politely, “Then I will dispatch guards from the Government Office and carry the dowries from the Gu Mansion these days.”

“Thank you.” Gu Chaoyan answered with a smile.

Those civilians all thought that it was a good thing.

Dowries should belong to the girls, which was supported by the women in the audience.

Honestly, dowries were what they had for themselves.

They were going to sue whoever tried to get the dowries from them.

As for the father… the fees were paid too.

For a moment, Lord Huai received great comments as well.

As the case was sealed, Zhou Huaijin decided to take Gu Chaoyan home.

Seeing the scene, Gu Ruxue said, “Lord Huai, I need to exchange a few words with you.”

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