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Chapter 572: Raising Fees

The leading guard looked at Gu Zhenkang and said, “You are Officer Gu from Taipu Temple, the Elder Miss is suing you for taking possession of her mothers dowries, you need to come with us.”

Then they started to get him going.


Gu Zhenkangs eyes widened.

Suing him! Gu Chaoyan was really suing him at the Government Office She was humiliated, but Gu Zhenkang did not want to get humiliated!

Gu Zhenkang truly had no idea what to say.

In the past two days, he had been so sure that Gu Chaoyan would not do anything.

So he had not taken this matter into consideration, but this daughter of Ms.

Lin had been so obsessed with money that she even sued him at the Government Office for this little amount of money! Gu Zhenkang was so annoyed that he felt his head was breaking up.

He struggled and intended to get rid of the guards, but the guards were ready.

So Gu Zhenkang could only shout loudly in utter helplessness.

“Chen Fu, go and get Mrs.

Gu and ask her to fetch Ruxue!”

He was the Phoenix Girls father.

What did they think they could do to him

Chen Fu hurried off.

Gu Zhenkang was also taken to the Government Office.

As he came to the Government Office, he got even more annoyed seeing those commoners watching the show.

“What is going on Do you need all those stupid commoners to watch the show”

Gu Zhenkang was speaking in a loud voice, so what he had said irritated the civilians.

Stupid commoners Why Even the King did not call them that, but this Old Master of the Gu Family was saying such words about them! No wonder his daughter was suing him!

The civilians were so angry that they had lost their composure inwardly.

When the Elder Miss arrived, she was not looking down at them, but greeted them politely – honestly, they were just so different! What was more…

Some people snatched the vegetable leaves and threw them at Gu Zhenkang.

The others soon followed suit.

Gu Zhenkang bellowed.

“How dare you throw things at me, stupid commoners! Do you know who I am!”

When he was done with bellowing, even more vegetables were thrown at him.

Gu Zhenkang, who was under the control of the guards, had no way of retaliating.

He only dodged the vegetables as he came to the hall.

The moment he spotted Gu Chaoyan in the hall, Gu Zhenkang stomped his feet.

“You bad girl, how dare you sue me! I am your father, you should respect me!”

Seated on the chair, Gu Chaoyan looked at the anxious Gu Zhenkang who still had leaves on head.

She did not even blink.

This was the Government Office and the Officer was in charge.

No one else should shout and make fuss.

The Officer was very annoyed.

He struck the table with the wooden board and said, “Quiet!”

“So you are Gu Zhenkang” the Officer asked annoyedly.

He was more certain now that Gu Zhenkang was someone who would have done something like this.

“The Elder Miss said that you drove her out of the family, is that true”

“Yes, I drove her out of the family and removed her from my family tree.

She is not part of my family any more!” Gu Zhenkang said arrogantly.

He even let out a sigh of relief when he had her removed from the family tree.

“In that case, you will have to return Lady Chaoyans mothers dowries to Lady Chaoyan!” the Officer said.

Gu Zhenkang said unhappily, “Her mother passed away when she was still little.

I fathered her and raised her, the dowries should be the fees I got for having to raise her!”

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