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Chapter 568: Suing My Father 2


Oh yes, that was true.

Gu Chaoyans mother Ms.

Lin from a family that once was the most wealthy in the whole captail.

They were related to the imperial family too.

Old Master Lin loved his daughter deeply, so when she got married, he gave away almost half of the properties.

Those things were almost as much as those in his own Lord Huais Mansion!

It was very normal for the Gu Family to get all of them.

They must be thinking that Chaoyan would not ruin her own reputation since she was marrying him soon.

Honestly, suing her father for the dowries, was something that never occurred in the noble families.

Some cases like this happened in common families, but girls normally lost their reputation after getting the dowries, and ended up in a terrible position.

Maybe that was what the Gu Mansion had been thinking, so they did not seem to fear anything, but Gu Chaoyan was not an ordinary woman.

She was his future wife and he was not going to let her end up in a terrible situation.

“I will back you up,” Zhou Huaijin said.

“Okay.” Gu Chaoyan answered with a smile.

She had never thought that Zhou Huaijin would be out of the plan.

He always took her side.

Since the law said that the dowries belonged to the wife, then it was not at all wrong for her to sue Gu Zhenkang.


The following day…

It was a very sunny day without wind.

The sun was giving out rare warmth.

Gu Chaoyan headed towards the Government Office with Sword One.

The wagon was from her own mansion, a very simple one which used to take Qing when she was out running errands.

Since Gu Chaoyan suddenly showed up, new wagons were not yet ready, so she took this one directly instead.

When Gu Chaoyan got off the wago, the guards at the Government Office simply could not move their eyes.

This… this was the Elder Miss of the Gu Family, the future Princess Consort of Lord Huai!

She was here once before, but the officer was changed.

What was she doing here again

Those guards were very frightened.

“Lady Chaoyan…” One of the guards was about to speak, when Gu Chaoyan walked past them, came to the drum, took up the sticks and started to drum.

The sound was so loud that the whole Government Office could hear it.

When the sound of the drum arose, then it meant that injustice happened, and someone was suing for justice.

The officer came to the hall.

“Bring the prosecutor!” the Officer said seriously.

The guards showed Gu Chaoyan in politely.

When the Officer saw the prosecutor, he was startled.

“Lady Chaoyan” the Officer asked confusedly, “Arent you treating the refugees outside the capital What are you here for”

Gu Chaoyan was surprised that the Officer knew about the refugees, but that was not what she was here for.

“I am seeking for justice,” Gu Chaoyan said as she stood there.

“But the law says that any prosecutor seeking for justice shall be hit five times before suing anyone…” The Officer looked at her awkwardly.

She was a skinny girl who could not possibly take five big hits!

Gu Chaoyan nodded.

“Just do it.”

The Officer was in a dilemma, so were the guards – were they really going to hit her

The guards looked at the Officer.

The Officer nodded and gave them the order.

Gu Chaoyan did not move an inch and just stood on the spot calmly.

The guards did not give much force, but after five hits, Gu Chaoyan looked pale.

“I am suing my father who drove me out of the family and still refuses to return my mothers dowries to me.

Please help me get justice, Officer!”

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