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Chapter 566: Detoxifying

Zhao Yiqiu had a very complicated look on his face.

He was full of confusion as well.

He could not tell how she was – she had no pulse, so how could he make a diagnosis

However, he could not tell Zhou Huaijin the truth.

He was a doctor with principles.

He could not reveal the situation of the patients to people for no reason, even if Zhou Huaijin was her future husband.

He sighed.

He thought for a while and said, “Judging from the way she looks, she must have gotten too tired.

So she needs to take a good rest.

Also, the winter is very cold, and girls like her need to stay warm, unlike us men.

As for the rest… she is basically fine.

Lady Chaoyan said that she is a doctor and she knows her own physical condition well.”

Hearing what Zhao Yiqiu said, Zhou Huaijin believed that Chaoyan was fine, but Zhou Huaijin knew Zhao Yiqiu well, and he sensed that there was something else.

Zhao Yiqiu was a man of few words.

He always said the truth after examining the patients rather than anything else, but today was different.

When Zhao Yiqiu was talking about Chaoyan, he was wearing a very twisted look, and he had been talking for so long as if he were trying to console him.

Zhou Huaijin stared at Zhao Yiqiu, but Zhao Yiqiu was still wearing a look of composure, showing no expression at all.

“Is that true” Zhou Huaijin asked suspiciously.

“I never tell lies.” Zhao Yiqiu said with determination.

That made Zhou Huaijin let out a sigh of relief.

Zhao Yiqiu was indeed a man of principles.

He never told lies, which was what he had been clinging to.

So since he affirmed with him about this, then Chaoyao should be doing just fine.

Zhou Huaijin accompanied Zhao Yiqiu to the wing yard.

“We have few servants here in the mansion.

If you need anything, just come out of the room and say so, someone would be at your service.”

“Okay.” Zhao Yiqiu answered, then he asked Zhou Huaijin to leave.

Zhou Huaijin ran directly to Chaoyans room.

Sword One had just walked out and said with a small voice.

“Elder Miss has just fallen asleep!”

Zhou Huaijin nodded.

He sat down by the bedside holding her hands.

Gu Chaoyan had long fingers, which were very skinny since she had lost a lot of weight.

Her hands smelled of medical herbs, since she had been making the medicine during the past few days.

Xia Yinghan had left and only Xue Feihan was still helping her.

The other students from the Saint College were not willing to show up, so Gu Chaoyan had to do many things personally.

He hired some expensive doctors in the capital so the situation improved, and Chaoyan had some time to take a break.

As he thought of this, Zhou Huaijin felt his heart aching deeply.

He should not have let her do so much work that exhausted her.

Zhou Huaijin stood by Gu Chaoyans side throughout the night.

It was not until the following day that he left for some business at the Shadow Door.

When Gu Chaoyan woke up, he had just left.

Gu Chaoyan sat down in the yard and did some sunbathing on this winter day.

So when Zhao Yiqiu came, she was taking a calm break.

“Are you feeling better, Lady Chaoyan” Zhao Yiqiu asked.

Hearing the voice, Gu Chaoyan opened her eyes, adjusted her posture and asked Zhao Yiqiu to take a seat as well.

Zhao Yiqiu sat down on the stone chair next to her, keeping a distance between them.

“I am feeling much better, Mr.

Zhao, thanks.” Gu Chaoyan answered politely.

Zhao Yiqiu nodded and decided to leave.

He had felt Gu Chaoyans pulse and it was his obligation to inquire about her.

He had just turned around, when he ceased his footsteps and asked calmly, “Can you detoxify Pearl Poison”

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