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Chapter 563: No Way

Gu Chaoyan had not noticed Gu Yunhe when she walked in, but as Mrs.

Gu mentioned it, she turned around and saw Gu Yunhes face.

His eyes were blackened, face swollen like a steamed bun, lips like two sausages!

She almost burst into laughter.

She had not expected that Princess Xunyang could have done such a job! Gu Yunhe had become totally unrecognizable! However, as she saw his face… Gu Chaoyan suddenly ceased her urge to laugh.

Princess Xunyang was a noble lady, but she was not an unreasonable person.

She never beat people for no reason.

The reason why she would beat him up was probably because Gu Yunhe had done something horrible.

She remembered that Mrs.

Gu once mentioned about Gu Yunhes intention of marrying Princess Xunyang.

And then she thought of Mrs.

Gus evil plans… she realized that they must have tried to set up Princess Xunyang.

Before Gu Chaoyan said anything Mrs.

Gu said angrily, “Yunhe wanted to exchange a few words with Princess Xunyang, but got beaten up.

The Queen and Lord Huai threatened to kill him!”


“You are the Princess Consort to be married to them, you should definitely speak with them.

Ruxue is the Phoenix Girl and they will someday need Ruxue for help, they should not behave so extremely, we are not the ones to irritate as they want.” Mrs.

Gu was angry, yet she did not dare to utter a thing when they were at the Weiyang Palace.

So she vented her anger in front of Gu Chaoyan.

Those words, once spoken, made her feel slightly better.

She glared at Gu Chaoyan and bellowed.

“What are you standing there for Come and check up Yunhe!”

“Checking him up” Gu Chaoyan threw a look at Gu Yunhe.

“No way.”


Gu had talked so much so she had intended to get herself a sip of tea, but before she could reach the teacup, she widened her eyes after hearing what Gu Chaoyan said, “What What did you just say”

She sounded as if she had just heard a joke!

No way

“Look at this girl, Old Master, she said no way!” Mrs.

Gu said sarcastically.

Gu Zhenkang was furious too.

It would be the Gu Mansions honor to marry the Princess.

And Princess Xunyang and the girl were good friends right However, instead of helping him out, this girl was doing nothing! Gu Zhenkang finally found an excuse to vent his anger.

Instead of showing any courtesy, he struck the table.

“Are you treating him or not”

“No.” Gu Chaoyan answered directly without consideration.

“Not everyone is qualified to use my medicine, and Gu Yunhe is one of those who doesnt deserve it!”

Gu Zhenkang got extremely angry.


“You cured the refugees, but not your Elder Brother!” Gu Zhenkang was so pissed – he almost believed that he had heard it wrong.

Gu Chaoyan composedly stood on the spot.

She could have just drugged Gu Yunhe to death! He was dreaming of asking her to treat him!

Xunyang… Xunyang wasnt a girl for him to dream of and set up!

Gu Zhenkang had thought that he had frightened Gu Chaoyan, yet Gu Chaoyan did not even show any reaction.

That made Gu Zhenkang really irritated.

“Come again!”

“No way.” She had no intention of treating his man at all!

Gu Zhenkang laughed out of anger.

“Sure, sure, sure, then get out of this family, you are not the daughter of the family!”

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