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Chapter 562: Gu Chaoyan for Medicine

Gu Zhenkang had no idea what just happened, but he understood that Yunhe needed to be healed, so he asked Chen Fu to get Gu Chaoyan.

He said in a fortunate tone, “Not sure what that girl is busy with these days.

She is never at home, but Yunhe, you are lucky, she is at home now.

It seems that the girl does have some medical skills.

She is healing all the refugees out there.

She should be able to heal Yunhe.

For some reason, some home doctors are missing these days too.”

Gu Zhenkang kept nagging and mumbling, but Mrs.

Gu had no reaction to that at all.

Those home doctors were not at all important.

She could even get the imperial doctors! She wanted Gu Chaoyan to check up on Yunhe just because she did not want to wait any longer.

She took some sips of tea.

Only now did Mrs.

Gu calm down.

Seeing her returning to normal, Gu Zhenkang asked, “What happened in court today Why can this matter not be mentioned at all”


Gu sank her face.

“Yunhe will lose his life! Lord Huai is not to be irritated.

You can ask some noble families around to see if there is any suitable lady that can match Yunhe.”

Gu Zhenkang nodded.

He looked rather unconvinced.

Yunhes marriage with the princess had been what he had anticipated above all.

He had been rather worried about his childrens marriage.

The Gu Mansion used to be poor, but at least they were people of literatis.

Yet he was forced to marry a businessmans daughter! Although he married Mrs.

Gu, who was from an official family, he did not think that was enough.

It had been bothering him for decades.

If Yunhe managed to marry the Princess, then he would be completely relieved.

Gu Zhenkang might not have married someone great, yet he could ask his son to do so!

A successful marriage would totally back Gu Zhenkang up!

However, that hope was totally destroyed.

That made Gu Zhenkang unhappy.

Since Mrs.

Gu already told him the situation, Gu Zhenkang simply had nothing else to say.

So he mumbled.

“Then… what about the County Princess Elder Princess seems to be quite satisfied with our family.”

“Dad, stop mentioning that County Princess! She is very fierce and rude! I can turn to other ladies who are gentle and have a great background.

I dont have to marry the County Princess.” Gu Yunhes face was aching terribly, but as he heard the County Princess mentioned, he could not help speaking bitterly.


Gu glared at Gu Zhenkang.

For some reason, she felt very uncomfortable hearing Gu Zhenkang mentioning the Elder Princess.

It might have been a great thing if Yunhe could marry the County Princess, but she still said, “True, Yunhe is very different from the past.

He can get any noble lady! What are you in such a hurry for”

Gu Zhenkang retreated and said nothing more.

As long as Yunhe was doing well, then all would be fine.

Gu Chaoyan was now at the doorstep, guided in by Chen Fu.

She looked rather tired and pale.

Sword One took her back to the mansion, seeing that she looked very pale, but before she had time to take a break, she was asked to show up at this hall.

Sword One was very displeased about this.

However, Gu Chaoyan asked gently, “What is it”

“Look at your Elder Brothers face.

Princess Xunyangs work! Do something for him!” Mrs.

Gu said arrogantly.

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