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Chapter 558: In Court

Zhou Huaijin dropped the sword, and hurried to hold his mother in his arms.

The Queen had passed out, and looked extremely pale.

He had been so furious about Xunyangs marriage that he did not notice his pale-looking mother.


“Susu, go and get the imperial doctor,” Zhou Huaijin said and carried the Queen into the room.

Susu hurried off.

Only Aunt Nan remained on the spot.

Aunt Nan picked up the sword and was about to walk in when she saw the Gu Family still remaining there.

Her expression sank and she said without showing any expression on her face.

“If anything happens to the Queen, you know what will happen to you.

You are not the ruler of the capital, so you better watch out, or you will have no idea how you died someday.”


Gu got so frightened that she did not dare to say a word.

She was extremely scared now.

She almost forgot how limited her power was, since her daughter turned out to be the Phoenix Girl and the Princess Consort.

The Queen and Lord Huai were not ones to piss off.


Gu nodded.

She tugged at Gu Yunhe who nodded constantly.

Aunt Nan turned around and walked in.


Gu collapsed.

Gu Ruxue was very displeased as she looked at these two.

“Mom, Elder Brother, why are you so weak We are here to make Xunyang marry the Elder Brother! Look at you, you are both so weak!”


Gu helped Gu Yunhe up as she said with a shivering tone, “You cant get your Elder Brother killed.

We have to stay alive.

As for the wife, your Elder Brother can marry a lower princess, or just a lady from any noble family,” Mrs.

Gu said as a compromise.

Gu Yunhe nodded.

He was scared too.

Neither of them was an easy bully.

“Ruxue, lets just leave, I dont want to get married now!” Then he left with Mrs.

Gu, arm in arm.

Gu Ruxue stomped out of anger.

“You are so damn useless!”

However, she had to follow them.


At the Weiyang Palace…

After the Queen ate the pills Zhou Huaijin gave her, she got slightly better.

Her head ached as she subconsciously caressed her temple.

“Mom, are you alright” Zhou Huaijin asked concernedly.

The Queen was just reminded that she had passed out.

Then she looked around and saw that she was inside the inner chamber, knowing that the Gu Family were gone.

She shook her head.

“I am fine now, dont worry.

It is just that I feel dizzy… Where is the Gu Family”

“They are gone already, dont worry, they dare not do anything now,” Zhou Huaijin said.

The Queen nodded again.

She did believe that the Gu Family dared not do anything.

The Gu Family were not bold people, just a little stupid.

They were made use of by someone else.

The most disgusting person was the King, whom she had been in love with for decades.

Maybe it had taken too long for him to forget about their relationship.

He had turned so cold-blooded.

He did not even care about his own daughter.

The Queen felt her sight blurring.

She decided to stay in the court because of her love towards the King, but now

“My Queen.” A warm and familiar voice arose, as the man started to walk towards the room.

“Susu told me that you are not feeling well”

That man was not dressed in the blouse as an imperial doctor.

Instead, he was dressed in a long, bleached green robe.

“Zhao Yiqiu, what are you doing here in the court” The Queen was startled, asking in surprise.

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