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Chapter 556: Mrs.

Gus Big Fuss 2

The Queen had been in her throne for almost two decades.

So even if she looked tired and pale, she was still showing an imposing manner.


Gu subconsciously cringed – she was feeling quite anxious.

Gu Yunhe, also, had his head lowered, looking very scared.

He turned to look at her sister Gu Ruxue.

The Queen found this man very cowardly – so this was the so-called Elder Brother of the Phoenix Girl

The Phoenix Girl the King talked about had no manners or any attractiveness.

And the King was even planning to marry Xunyang to that Elder Brother of hers!

The Queen simply had no comments upon these two women – they were just like those low-class women on the street! She just could not understand what the King was thinking!

He was extolling the whole family up into the air!

Gu Ruxue, who considered herself as the Phoenix Girl, feared nothing.

She said straightforwardly to the Queen.

“Nothing really, we are just here seeking the justice for my Elder Brother!”


“All my Elder Brother did was to help Lord Ling to search for his lost jade whilst exchanging a few words with Princess Xunyang, now he has been seriously beaten up!”


“Yes, she may be the Princess, but she simply can not beat people as she wants to!”


“I am here today, because I would like to ask you, the Queen – how are you going to make up for this mistake”

Gu Ruxue looked the Queen right in the eyes.

The Queen might be imposing, but that was nothing compared to the Phoenix Girl, she believed.

The Queen threw a casual look at Gu Yunhe, thinking very little of these people in front of them.

“So that is the guy”

Gu Ruxue nodded.

“Weiyang Palace is my palace and no outside men are allowed to step over the gate,” the Queen said calmly, “I did not order a death sentence to this man who had walked over the border for Lord Lings sake, and you are thinking about seeking justice from me Do you think that the Phoenix Girl of your mansion can exceed the imperial family”

The Queen had no expression on her face, but her words were extremely sharp.

The audience outside the Weiyang Palace, who were craning their necks for the show, all hurried off in case they got in trouble too.

Gu Ruxue did not get what the Queen meant.

She insisted.

“My Elder Brother has done nothing wrong.

What he did was to exchange a few words with Princess Xunyang and then got beaten.

Also, it was the King who asked my Elder Brother to meet Princess Xunyang first, so the Elder Brother was just obeying the Kings order.”

She did not understand the complicated rules in the court.

What she knew was that the King approved of their fuss here in the court, and they would not get trouble.

So she feared nothing.

The Queen held Susus hands tightly, knuckles turning pale.

The King… The King again!

She had not thought about this point earlier.

She had always thought that it was because of this terribly-mannered family who tried to make a fuss, but ut she almost forgot that the reason why the Gu Family could come to the Weiyang Palace without any barriers, was because someone had backed them up, namely the King.

So it was not the Gu Family who was causing them the trouble.

The Queen laughed ironically.

“What do you want” the Queen asked without any emotions.

“Since my Elder Brother has been beaten, the marriage must be settled, so that we can just get through it like a family,” Gu Ruxue said without blinking an eye.

She had just finished speaking, when Zhou Huaijin came by and asked expressionlessly, “What marriage”

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