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Chapter 554: Cha[ter 549: Ill Intention 3

Gu Yunhe was confused.

He was suffering from too much pain to think it through.

“Lord Ling, didnt you just say that I am like a three-year-old boy who always turns to mother Mom cant do anything in the court either!” Gu Yunhe said.

He had said that he wanted to tell his mother, because he had been so violently beaten.

He was so furious that he just said everything.

He had no real intention of telling this to his mother.

His mother was nice and concerned about him, but he knew clearly that his mother was not capable enough.

Even back at the Gu Mansion a while ago, when Madame Gu was healthy.

His mother had not been able to bring down Madame Gu.

Let alone here in the court.

So all he could do right now was to blame himself.

“Your mother might be of some help.” Zhou Huailing said confidently, “Judging from the way Xunyang reacted just now, she is definitely not going to marry you, so your marriage with her is basically ruined, but if everyone knows that you were beaten by Xunyang, she might have to marry you because of a widespread rumor.

After all, why did she beat you, and for what reason Something must have happened between you two! If people try to figure out what happened, then no one would dare to marry Xunyang!”

Gu Yunhe was listening to Lord Ling carefully.

That did make sense.

Women and men were different.

“What do you want my mother to do” Gu Yunhe asked excitedly, totally oblivious of the pain on his face.

She had beaten him so terribly.

When he took her as his wife, he was going to take revenge on her little by little!

Zhou Huailing looked at Gu Yunhe, who looked so swollen up and stupid like a pig!

He said annoyedly, “Ask your mother to take you into the court and make a big fuss at the Queens place.

Then the whole court will know about this, so will all the families in the whole capital! Got it”


“But I am not in the right position to get involved, so just let Ruxue bring you to her.

She knows the court well by this point.”

Gu Yunhe found the words making sense, so he nodded on and on.

He totally supported this idea.

Zhou Huailing looked at him.

“You dont have to get yourself healed today, just go into the court like this tomorrow.”

Gu Yunhe nodded too.

As long as the idea worked!

Zhou Huailing then asked his staff to drive them back to the Gu Mansion.

The moment he arrived at home, Mrs.

Gu almost screamed.

“Who hit you!!”

Zhou Huailing covered up his ears disdainfully.

“Princess Xunyang did.” Zhou Huailing answered.


Gu shut up directly, hearing that it was the Princess work.

She might have taken revenge if it was done by someone else, but it was Princess work…

“Well, there is nothing we can do now.” Mrs.

Gu said unsurely.

“No, you are wrong.

Your son was beaten, and you need to seek justice.” Zhou Huailing denied.

“Take him to court and make a fuss in front of the Queen.

If you do it well, the Princess will be yours, if not, then she will be someone elses.”


Gu was confused.

What was going on She was not bold enough to make a fuss in front of the Queen! She was only bold enough to fight with some low-class ladies.

“Wouldnt I be driven out of the court” Mrs.

Gu asked.

“No, father is in the court, so no one will be driven out.

Also, who dares to do that when you are the Phoenix Girls mother Also, you are there seeking justice!” Zhou Huailing said.


Gu nodded, and got the whole point.

She had the King behind her back!


The following day, Mrs.

Gu and Gu Yunhe followed Gu Ruxue into the court.

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