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Chapter 546: Meeting

What saddened the Queen was the King whom she was in love with for so many years.

She had liked freedom, so despite what General Jiang said, she insisted on coming to the court with him.

For his sake, she tolerated her displeasure and took care of the princesses and concubines in different palaces, so they did not make a fuss.

Unexpectedly… Dozens of years had passed, and now a man whom she had loved for so many years, was treating their children in such a terrible way.

Did he do it on purpose

The Queen could not help but have such an idea.

“Mom, dont worry, as long as I am here, I wont allow him to mess up Xunyangs marriage.

She is my only sister and I will make sure that she marries who she really loves.” Zhou Huaijin promised his mother with her hands in his.

The Queen, who had been panicking, was finally assured of what Zhou Huaijin said.

She nodded and continued nodding on and on.

“I will go and talk with the King, you, please have a good sleep,” Zhou Huaijin said.

The Queen nodded again.

When Zhou Huaijin left, he threw a look at Aunt Nan, asking her to come out with him.

Aunt Nan patted Susu and told her to take good care of the Queen whilst she was out with the Lord.

Zhou Huaijin sighed as he looked at Aunt Nan.

“Dont worry, I will solve the problem.

I will not allow Xunyang to marry that man.

But Aunt Nan, please take good care of mom here.

She is just saddened by father.”

As he was speaking, Zhou Huaijin felt very furious.

Could a so-called Phoenix Girl be so important This so-called Phoenix Girl had removed the relationship between his parents, so that his father did not take Xunyang as his own daughter

Zhou Huaijin let out an ironic smile.

The Phoenix Girl

He shook his head and started to walk out of the Weiyang Palace.

Aunt Nan sighed too and went back to take care of the Queen.

Zhou Huaijin headed directly to the Imperial Study.

The King was in the middle of reading a book when he saw Zhou Huaijin walking in.

Instead of being surprised, he looked up at him calmly as if he had expected this to happen.

He said, “Oh here you are.”


“You know what has happened.

Your mother is a woman who always thinks irrationally.

I hope you can understand the point and try to persuade your mother.”

Zhou Huaijin had been feeling very furious.

Hearing these words, he said with displeasure, “Xunyang is not going to marry Gu Yunhe.”

The King stared at him.

“So you mean that you disapprove of it too” The King asked, looking very displeased.

Zhou Huaijin did not reply to him.

Then the King snorted.

“It seems that I have been treating you too well for you to understand who you are! I am the King and I make decisions that no one can change.”

Zhou Huaijin threw a look at the King.

Treating him well Those so-called kindnesses had brought him a lot of trouble.

He had not cared about this for his mothers sake.

Unexpectedly however, that was what he heard today.

So the King was making a decision that could not be denied Okay then, what about if he took the throne himself He had not cared about ambition before, but for Xunyang, he could do that.

Seeing the way Zhou Huaijin behaved, the King shivered as well.

He said subconsciously, “It is not yet absolute.

If you dont think that he is a proper suitor, let Xunyang meet him and see what she wants.”

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