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Chapter 545: Lord Huai in Court

He rushed directly into the Weiyang Palace.

Susu had just walked out of the kitchen with some pastries and snacks.

She showed a touch of happiness at the sight of Zhou Huaijin.

She knew clearly that the King might treat the Queen badly or well, but Lord Huai had been treating the Queen very well.

So when Lord Huai was here, the problem was definitely going to be solved.

Zhou Huaijin hurried in.

He was very worried and anxious so he did not notice Susu, but rushed into the room directly.

Aunt Nan was serving the tea in the room.

She also looked delighted.

“Here you are, I will go to get the Queen.”

Zhou Huaijin waved his hands.

His mother was normally reading in the study and was hardly inside the chamber.

So if she was in the chamber, then it basically meant that she was feeling very bad.

He didnt expect his mother to get up for his sake, so he went into the chamber directly.

In the inner chamber.

The Queen was lying in bed, looking slightly-pale with eyes very red.

She had clearly shed tears.

Seeing Zhou Huaijin here, she burst out in tears.

Seeing herself crying, she kept wiping her tears away, but the tears kept dripping down no matter what.

That annoyed the Queen and she used a lot of force to wipe the tears.

Zhou Huaijin felt so concerned about her.

He took the handkerchief and started to wipe the Queens tears for her.


“I am fine.” The Queen forced herself to utter the words.

“What happened” Zhou Huaijin tried to keep himself calm and away from anger.

He knew that few people could sadden his mother, apart from him and Xunyang, it would be his father! His mother had gone through many conspiracies in the court after so many years, but nothing had struck her down.

However, his mother was always saddened by what his father had done.

Especially during this period.

The Queen calmed herself and tears had stopped.

“Your father is making Xunyang marry Gu Yunhe, the Young Master of the Gu family!” When the Queen said these words, she was shivering.

She was clenching her fists tightly.

Her fingernails were digging directly into the palm, but she did not feel a touch of pain.

When Aunt Nan saw this, she came around and said, “Dont hurt yourself!”

The Queen released her fists and tried to calm herself down as she said, “I dont care about peoples background.

I have looked into the Gu Mansion before.

Chaoyan is a nice girl and I like her deeply.

I hope you two can get married, but Gu Yunhe is not a nice man at all!”


“He keeps lingering about in the brothel and thinks about getting concubines, and he doesnt help the elderly in the family! I have seen Madame Gu several times, she is a practical person and she treats her children well, but since she had a stroke, he doesnt visit her and instead leaves her in a distant yard!”


“He has no respect for the Elderly people in the family so how could he ever treat Xunyang well!” the Queen said excitedly, lips shivering.

She was about to burst into tears again.

“Your father doesnt even know what he is like and is now making Xunyang marry him.

He is ruining her life!”

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