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Chapter 541: Gu Yunhes Intention 2

He did not actually like Gu Yunhe, but Ruxue was the Phoenix Girl.

Ruxue was the Phoenix Girl, and his future queen, so he had to help the Gu Mansion.

If the Gu Mansion flourished, then he would flourish alongside.

And if the Gu Mansion failed, he would be humiliated as well.

Gu Zhenkang and Gu Yunhe were both not so smart people.

He had been thinking about how to help them, when Ruxue thought of making the princess marry her brother.

Princess Xunyang was not his real sister anyway.

If Princess Xunyang could help to make the Gu Mansion flourish, then that would be the fastest method.

That was why he took Ruxue to the court and talked about this with the King.

The King fell into contemplation.

He had never met Gu Yunhe, but what Ling said made sense.

Gu Ruxue was the Phoenix Girl, then Gu Yunhe was the Phoenix Girls Elder Brother.

With this as the background, he could become a great suitor for the princess.

He had planned to make Xunyang marry some external people from the royal family, but that would make Xunyang too far from Zhou Huaijin.

Also, the country would not help Zhou Huaijin just because of Xunyang.

So if she could marry Gu Yunhe, that would make sense too.

The Gu Family might be flourishing, but they were not getting any real power.

Even if they did have some power, they would still defend Ling.

If that was the case, Princess Xunyang could marry Gu Yunhe.

That did make sense, but it should not be decided right away.

That would not make sense! It was a princess!

The King said with a smile, “He can marry a princess, but I cant make a decision now.

Princess Xunyang was born by the Queen so I will have to talk with the Queen about it.”

Having said these words, the King patted Zhou Huailing on his shoulders.

Then he looked at him with a smile.

Zhou Huailing let out a sigh of relief.

“Thank you, father.”

Then he tugged at Gu Ruxue, suggesting that Gu Ruxue should bow too.

Gu Ruxue was feeling a bit unwilling, but still said, “Thank you, father.”

The King nodded.

He said a few more words and then asked Zhou Huailing and Gu Ruxue to leave.

As they walked out of the Imperial Study, Gu Ruxue said unhappily, “It is not even approved, why were you so happy about it”

Her Elder Brother was the Phoenix Girls brother so he was qualified to marry a princess.

He should have approved of this matter directly, why did it require more discussion Did he even care about the Phoenix Girls mothers family

Zhou Huailing was not angry about her impoliteness.

He pinched her hands and whispered.

“Ruxue, father is the King, so of course he cant accept it directly.

There are many other things he has to consider.

But he smiled at me, meaning that it is almost done, but we need to do something first.

You just tell your Elder Brother that he will be the Princess husband soon!”

What Gu Ruxue was surprised as she looked at Zhou Huailing.


Zhou Huailing nodded.

“I know my father well,” Zhou Huailing said with determination.

Gu Ruxue smiled brightly.

“Then let me go home and tell my brother about it.”

Zhou Huailing nodded in agreement.

It was a great thing, so the Gu Family should know about it so as to get ready.


At the Weiyang Palace.

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