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Chapter 535: Not Alone

“Didnt you tell father in the court that your future Princess Consort is a skilled doctor If that is the case, then let her cure those people and then they can come inside the city,” Zhou Huailing said calmly, showing a touch of a smile.

Zhou Huaijin shook his head.

Zhou Huailing stopped talking with them and said to the imperial doctors next to him.

“Guard at the gate, feel the pulse when you see any refugee.

Those without disease can come into the city for shelter, those who do have disease, are forbidden to take a further step.”


“Refugees might be having a bad time, but the civilians in the city are innocent too.

They should not get infected,” Zhou Huailing said reasonably.

Zhou Huaijin wore a cold expression.

His hand was already at the sword.

He was ready to make an attack, but Fu Bao stopped him directly.

It was not the right time for him to make an impulsive move.

Before Fu Bao could make a move an elderly man among the refugees said, “Lord Huai, I am the head of the village.

We are all grateful to you, please stay calm.

Lets just do what he asks us to do.” Then he sighed deeply.

The court was getting worse and worse.

They were farmers that spent so much effort upon the land and even paid taxes.

Now a disaster arrived and the court was deserting them.

In the past, they could at least get some shelter, but now they did not care about their lives at all.

Lord Huai was a very nice man, but they had noticed that the King had arranged this arrogant Lord Ling to deal with them.

They should not trouble Lord Huai.

Having said these words, the head of the village told his fellow villagers to get their pulses felt.

A strong man became displeased seeing the scene.

“I am not going inside the city, I want to be with you and help to allocate everyone with Lord Huai!”

Hearing these words, Zhou Huailings expression sank.

How dare he talk about the Eighth Brother in front of him Did he even take Zhou Huailing seriously

“Then you are forbidden to go inside!” Zhou Huailing said to one guard, “Remember his face! He is never allowed to step through this gate!”

“So what! The capital is too distressing for me to be inside!” This young man said with determination.

Zhou Huailing sneered.

He was looking forward to seeing how these people starved and froze to death, when they refused to come inside the capital.

Zhou Huaijin threw an extra glance at this young man who was called Xiao Jin.

He said nothing more when he saw this man filled with determination.

So he said to the others.

“Just stay and let the doctors feel your pulse.

Those who are healthy can go inside and those who are sick, lets head back and get cured before coming in again.”

The head of the village also tried to persuade his fellow villagers so some of them walked inside whilst the others followed in.

The room outside was not enough to hold all of them, so they had to compromise.

Thanks to the village heads persuasion, some people started to walk into the city after getting their pulses felt.

As for the others, they returned to where they were with Zhou Huaijin.

Gu Chaoyan, who was in the middle of making the medicine, looked very surprised at the sight of the returning gang – didnt the King already ask about the refugees, why were they still stopped outside the gate

“What is going on” Gu Chaoyan asked.

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