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Chapter 527: Not Your Abilities

When they heard the plan, they understood the point.

They also understood that those two kind-hearted girls were doing things for their own sake.

It was rare to see two nice girls like them two, but what could they change anyway

The court was killing them! The rumor went that some Pheonix Girl was found, and the refugees were not allowed in this grand dynasty.

The grandpa sighed heavily.

He had no hope in his eyes at all.

Gu Chaoyan frowned.

Those refugees must have come to this place from other regions.

They were farmers who had no food due to the large snow that killed the crop.

So they had to come to the capital to survive.

Sword Two had told her that such a thing happened every year when they were heading towards this direction, but the court did not stop the refugees from entering the capital.

Instead, they would be arranged to stay in the outskirts or in the capital even, and they were even fed with porridge.

When the winter passed, the refugees would return to their own home.

That might be a very dumb method, but at least, most of the refuguees could be saved and live on, but now, they were not even allowed to enter the capital.

When she saw how those refugees were behaving, she believed that the refugees had become very disappointed and had little hope inside them.They did not plan to survive the winter.

“Lets just do it right now.

As for the refugees that come in tomorrow, I will try to get the gate opened for you to enter.

The court has to do something about the refugees.” Gu Chaoyan looked on with determination.

The grandpa looked at Gu Chaoyan, then he smiled.

It was not an ironic smile, it was a smile from an elderly man to a child.

Some children in the capital were kind, but they had no experience or idea of how difficult the whole thing was.

“Girl, you have no way out.

Those officers stop us and you have no way to fight against them.

Just go home,” the grandpa said for Gu Chaoyans sake.

“Those are the courts affairs, and you are a kind girl.

But you cant do anything that is involved with court, so dont get your family messed up.”

Having said these words, the grandpa sighed.

Then he looked into another direction, looking tired.

Seeing their behavior, Gu Chaoyan had no idea what she could do.

Those refugees were not bad people, and they were even considering for her sake.

They did not want her to get involved because of their problems.

Yet the problem was that they were all feeling very cold inwardly, and had no desire to live.

Gu Chaoyan frowned.

Sword Two added as he saw the scene.

“Our Elder Miss can help you and can even ask the court to pay attention to this matter!”

The grandpa looked up at Gu Chaoyan as he heard what Sword Two said.

For one second, they had no idea what Sword Two meant.

The other sick people all turned to Gu Chaoyan as well.

They were all confused.

Someone just said that they could get help from the court.

What kind of people could get help from the court They did not believe that any family in the capital would care about their existence.

One strong man added.

“Miss, you may be from some official family, but it is the Phoenix Girl, a Princess Consort we are talking about.

Not every official family can do something about that.”

Sword Two realized that they did not trust them.

So he looked at his Miss and wondered if he could tell the truth.

Gu Chaoyan nodded.

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