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Chapter 522: So What

After Mrs.

Gu left, Gu Chaoyan supported her forehead, looking exhausted.


Lin and Mrs.

Gu… Both of them were trying to use her to obtain the biggest interests.

She was really tired of those people.

Seeing the way Gu Chaoyan looked, Sword One was concerned.

“Elder Miss, lets go back to the Qiong Pavilion now.

The Adulthood Ceremony has ended, and those guests outside are trying to establish friendship with the Gu Family.

You dont have to worry about them.”

Gu Chaoyan nodded, Sword One was right.

Princess Yunxi and Princess Xunyang had the intention of remaining a little longer today, but Gu Chaoyan turned them down and asked them to go home as soon as possible.

She was able to defend them, but she did not want them to get involved with those disgusting things happening at the Gu Family.

She put on a coat and then left with Sword One.

No one noticed their absence.

Those people were not really here to attend Gu Chaoyans Adulthood Ceremony, since her Adulthood Ceremony was not that important for them.

Instead, they were here to befriend the Gu Family, which were the most popular family in the whole capital now.

On the way to the Qiong Pavilion.

Gu Yunxuan, who was hiding behind the tree, said, “Chaoyan!”

Gu Chaoyan looked in that direction.

It was Gu Yunxuan.

He was still dressed in the uniform from the Ministry of Military, and looked exhausted.

He passed the salted chicken to Gu Chaoyan.

“Just eat them, Chaoyan, you cant have eaten anything at your Adulthood Ceremony right This is your favorite salted chicken, here you are.

I have to leave now, I have lots of stuff to do at the Ministry of Military.”


“You are now an adult and old enough to get married, so I dont have to worry about anything.

Especially since your fiance is Lord Huai… I need to leave now,” Gu Yunxuan said quickly and left.

Before Gu Chaoyan realized what happened, he was already gone.

Only the salted chicken in her hands gave her utter warmth.

“Elder Miss, Second Young Master truly cares about you.” Sword One said.

“Yeah.” Gu Chaoyan nodded.

At the Adulthood Ceremony, the whole Gu Mansion were thinking about how to make use of her for their own interests, and only Gu Yunxuan wondered if she had eaten anything.

She had never liked salted chicken, but now she did.

Back at the Qiong Pavilion.

Zhou Huaijin was in the room and the brazier was burning, bringing about warmth.

After seeing her Miss home, Qing said, “Elder Miss, I will bring the hot dishes!”

Gu Chaoyan smiled.

Two people were caring about whether she had been fed.

She put the salted chicken on the table.

She was about to say something when Zhou Huaijin saw the chicken and looked surprised.

“You… like this”

Gu Chaoyan had no idea how to explain since the whole process was somehow complicated… so she nodded.

Zhou Huaijin laughed.

A cold woman who seemed so far away from the worldly things turned out to be a supporter of salted chicken! How lovely.

They ate the salted chicken together, and then had some other food.

Gu Chaoyan felt a bit tired.

Zhou Huaijin had intended to let her take a break, but Gu Chaoyan grabbed his hand and said, “Princess Xunyang was my assistant at the ceremony today, and Gu Yunhe saw her and started to plan something on her.

It is my fault! You have to watch out for Princess Xunyang, Gu Yunhe isnt a nice man.”

Zhou Huaijin frowned tightly.

How dare the Gu Family! How dare they plan something on Xunyang

He was the Phoenix Girls Elder Brother right So what So what if there was a Phoenix Girl

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