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Chapter 518: Help Jiashu


Lin looked about cautiously and made sure that no one was around or heard what she was speaking.

Then she said to Chaoyan with a small voice.

“Chaoyan, your cousin Jiashu is not young anymore.

And he has passed his twentieth birthday.

I was wondering if you can help him with his marriage.”

Gu Chaoyan looked at Mrs.


The way she was was still the same, but Mrs.

Lin had not been this modest earlier.

Instead, she was talking arrogantly in front of her.

“Your cousin Jiashu is still young, and has just passed his twentieth birthday, and he is not ready for marriage, dont ever think about him!”

It had been just a few months since that happened, but now everything had changed.

Gu Chaoyan was not a very generous nor a narrow-minded person.

She could ignore what the Lin Family had done to her for her mothers sake, but that did not mean that she had forgotten what happened back then.


Lin had once hurt her before, and Gu Chaoyan was pretty aware about that.

That matter might have more or less slipped out her mind, but when she saw her face, she was reminded of that thing again.


Lin did not notice Gu Chaoyans changing expression.

What she was thinking was that since Gu Chaoyan was Ms.

Lins daughter, then she was definitely going to help the only son of the Lin Family.

So before Gu Chaoyan answered her, Mrs.

Lin said happily, “Princess Xunyang is too high in social status, and only someone with a better background would be able to marry her.

But I think Princess Yunxi is a very great match in background.

She is a great suitor for Jiashu.”


“Since Princess Yunxi is here for your Adulthood Ceremony, then I believe that you two are good friends.

So help Jiashu and set them up.

If Princess Yunxi falls for Jiashu, the marriage would work out easily!”


“You dont have to do anything, you just need to set them up and leave them to talk with each other.

Chaoyan, you are helping Jiashu right” Mrs.

Lin said gladly.

Gu Chaoyan frowned and a touch of anger hovered over her face.

It was not a helping hand, it was a killing hand!

It was a hand to kill her, and to kill Princess Yunxi.

“Aunt, you are old enough to know about etiquette, right” Gu Chaoyan almost snapped at her.

She might tolerate her because she was her uncles wife, if it were for some other things, but not for this.

“What etiquette It is such a simple move for you to do.” Mrs.

Lin was displeased.

She was the elderly of the family and Gu Chaoyan was one generation after her.

How could she speak like this

A simple move Gu Chaoyan laughed ironically.

“Aunt, you know what you are asking me to do You are leading me to set up Princess Yunxi so that she could get personally engaged with Lin Jiashu!” Gu Chaoyan snapped.

“I may be alright throughout the whole process, but Princess Yunxi is a princess and she is an unmarried girl! How would she keep her reputation”


“If you think Princess Yunxi is a great suitor for Lin Jiashu, then sure, go and make a proposal with gifts and if Princess Yunxis family are okay with your proposal, then they would think about it!” Gu Chaoyan said.


Lin had a bad look on her face.

Of course she knew about this, but the point was that the Lin Family was a business family and they would be driven out of the mansion, if they made the proposal at the lords mansion.

Only by forcing Princess Yunxi to marry him would the plan work, otherwise why would she need Gu Chaoyan

“So you are not helping Jiashu”

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