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Chapter 514: Mrs.


This man was so strange.

Chaoyan was a girl she liked, and she was going to marry Huaijin as the Princess Consort – apart from the Queen, she was the only person remaining at the Jiang Family, so of course she had to be here.

It embarrassed Madame Jiang completely.

She nodded and ignored Gu Zhenkang.

Instead she came to Gu Chaoyan with a smile and took her hands.

“Good girl!”

“Hey, Madame Jiang!” Gu Chaoyan replied.

“I know you like books, so I have picked some books for you from the study.

I am not sure what to bring to you, but the contents are a lot of fun.

You can read them when you have time,” Madame Jiang said with a smile.

Gu Chaoyan was so delighted.

It was way too cold in winter, and she barely had the motivation to go out.

Now she had got something to kill the time.

“Thank you, Madame Jiang!” Gu Chaoyan said with a smile.

Since Madame Jiang and Madame Min were good friends too, the three of them were talking and chatting happily.

Gu Zhenkang looked quite embarrassed.

As for Mrs.

Gu… she was even less pleased.

She had intended to organize Gu Chaoyans Adulthood Ceremony, since the Princesses were going to be present.

She had intended to humiliate Chaoyan on the occasion, yet…

That was why Mrs.

Gu was so annoyed.

“Madame Min is going to be the host so she has no time as the organizer! Just talk with her so that I can be the organizer.” Mrs.

Gu jabbed at Gu Zhenkang.

Gu Zhenkang was confused.

“Didnt you say no just now Madame Min had just offered to be the organizer and now you are asking me to replace her! I dont want to offend Madame Min.

She is not to be offended!”

Gu Zhenkang was slightly displeased.

He was not stupid enough not to sense Madame Mins way of looking at him.

He should not turn to her for nothing good.


Gu glared at him.

She went intending to find an opportunity to speak about this matter.

Gu Zhenkang went to deal with other stuff.


At the Lin Mansion.

Lin Jiaxing had received the invitation too.

He should be at Gu Chaoyans Adulthood Ceremony as her Uncle.

He had intended to go there alone, but when Mrs.

Lin heard the news, she called Lin Jiashu and got dressed.

They then came to Lin Jiaxing.


Lin was very excited.

“It is time to leave now!”

Lin Jiaxing frowned as he looked at Mrs.


Well, he had no intention to bring them there.

They had hurt Chaoyan before and they were just going to cause Chaoyan trouble at the moment.

“Why are you going there I can go there alone.” Lin Jiaxing snapped.


Lin was not delighted by his words.

When Gu Chaoyan had a bad time at the Gu Mansion a while back, they did not treat her badly.

So when Gu Chaoyan was doing well now, they were not allowed to do anything at all That was so unreasonable.

However, Lin Jiaxing was a stubborn person.

She understood that well after being married to him for so many years.

Therefore, she did not dare to confess what she was thinking inwardly.

So she argued.

“I am her Aunt and one of the elders in the family.

Do you think that Mrs.

Gu would be sincere enough to be the organizer for her She is just a stepmother!”

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