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Chapter 508: Princess Concubine

“If you go back to my mansion now, you will still hold the position as the Princess Concubine and your son will get a rank.

If you are staying, then your family is going to beg me soon.

At that time, I wont spare any mercy for your sake.” Zhou Huailing stressed heavily.

He was full of confidence.

Even if the Liu Family turned themselves against him, there would be some other noble families that followed him in the next following days.

When he had enough forces, the Liu Family was no longer that important.

Therefore, Zhou Huailing basically had nothing to fear.

He looked at Liu Qingqing with confidence.

He was almost completely sure that Liu Qingqing would say yes.

However, Liu Qingqing was still holding her arms across her chest and looked at Zhou Huailing with that elegant face of hers.

“I choose divorce.”

Zhou Huailings smile stiffened.

As he heard the word “divorce”, he was completely speechless and looked at Liu Qingqing with disbelief.

She was divorcing him

“Are you sure about that!” Zhou Huailings face twisted as he asked with a cold voice.

How stupid this girl was! He had bent down to throw the offer at her!

Liu Qingqing nodded.

“Have you heard what is happening outside now Gu Ruxue is the Phoenix Girl confirmed by the Destiny Monk! I married her for that reason, and that was the hidden cause! I did not tell you about this because it used to be a secret! Now the secret is open and you should understand me! How can you insist on divorcing after we were married for four years Did you ever love me” Zhou Huailing asked, looking quite hurt.

His woman had to be devoted to him, but this woman was leaving for such a minor matter!

Zhou Huailing felt hurt.

Liu Qingqing, however, showed no change on her face.

Just as he had said, they were married for four years and she had given him an opportunity before, but now, the opportunity was gone and she had her own principles to stick to.

“Just leave.” Liu Qingqing answered coldly.

“You!” Zhou Huailing was about to lunge at her when Liu Qingqing stopped him.

They were not at his Lord Lings Mansion and they were divorcing too, so Liu Qingqing would not show a touch of courtesy.

Fury dominated Zhou Huailing.

“Well, well!” He flung his sleeves and left in anger.

Xie Yan was still in the room.

He sighed and looked at Liu Qingqing.

“You dont have to! Lord has offered you the staircases to step down.

What you need to do is to take it.

There is no use fighting against him, since he has gathered all the civilians hearts.

You are putting the Liu Family into an awkward situation!”

Xie Yan looked anxious, but Liu Qingqing was not moved at all.

Xie Yan sighed and had no choice but to leave as well.

He had just left, when Princess Concubine Yun walked out of the screen.

“I never expected that a traditional woman like you is receiving such good treatment from so many people.

Xie Yan is truly considerate for your sake.”

Princess Concubine Yun sighed.

“Xie Yan is kind yet not smart at all.

He thinks of you as an ordinary woman and speaks too highly of the Phoenix Girl,” Princess Concubine Yun said as if she were out for an interesting show.

“You should leave too, now that they are gone,” Liu Qingqing said coldly as she turned around for martial arts practice.

Princess Concubine Yun had no intention of leaving now.

“I feel so bored without you at the mansion.

That Princess Concubine Ruxue is so boring.

What about me staying at your place instead” Princess Concubine Yun asked.

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