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Chapter 500: News Spread

Gu Yunhe looked at Chu Yu with displeasure.

He hated Chu Yu above all.

He was the Prime Ministers son, so what Gu Yunhe was a man who never lied!

“Of course.” Gu Yunhe rolled his eyes.

Instead of being angry, Chu Yu ignored the rolling eyes.

He once heard his father mention that before.

Anyone who had the Phoenix Girl would get the world.

That was a secret of the Saint Divine Land barely known to anyone.

The Chu Family learned about this secret, just because their ancestors were outstanding in the court.

Since Gu Yunhe mentioned this, then it was proved that the whole thing was real.

Also, the Chu Family had made an investigation about the birds.

If that was real, then Lord Ling would become the King.

So Gu Yunhe was someone he should not offend.

Well, Chu Yu was not scared of this man, but he was in a family that should not establish any foes with anyone.

It seemed that the Chu Family had to take his position.

Chu Yu thought inwardly…

It was a very awkward meal.

The young masters in the elegant room were distracted, and the manager of Restaurant Jixian was totally frightened, fearing that something would happen.

That was a room full of young masters, one small mistake, and the manager and his staff would have to take the blame.

However, Gu Yunhe was in a good mood.

He was very satisfied with how he was now – even the Prime Ministers son was treating him nicely.

For one second, he truly had no interest in returning home, but the meal would come to an end sooner or later.

As they walked out of the Restaurant Jixian, they were all hurrying back to their own mansions.

Only Gu Yunhe seemed to be in a leisurely mood.

Within a few hours time, the news was spread all over the whole capital.

Lord Ling, who had been busy with his own business, had no idea that Gu Yunhe had cast a bomb in the capital.

He had been in a good mood these days – he had married the Phoenix Girl, and his father seemed to have the intention of passing down the throne to him.

Everything seemed to be going on very well.

So when Xie Yan rushed in, Lord Ling was very unhappy about that.

“Xie Yan, you have worked with me for a long time, and I am taking the throne, but you are so irrational now.

How would you be able to work for me” Lord Ling said with displeasure.

Xie Yan did not care about what Lord Ling said.

“Lord, something is wrong!” Xie Yan said anxiously, “Someone has leaked the information so everyone is talking about the Phoenix Girl! Everyone knows that Princess Consort is the Phoenix Girl!”

He almost passed out.

“Who leaked the information” Lord Ling looked at Xie Yan with suspicion.

Xie Yan did not even notice that Lord Ling was looking at him with suspicion.

He added.

“It is the Young Master of the Gu Family, namely the Princess Consorts brother!”

Gu Yunhe What was going on How did he know about that

Lord Ling looked extremely annoyed – he had never liked Gu Yunhe, who was reckless and slack about everything, but now… He was spreading around the hugest secret! He was dragging him down!

Lord Ling could not sit still any more.

He was panicking more than Xie Yan! So he hurried off to the Gu Mansion for interrogation.

Xie Yan followed in case something else went wrong.

Although the Young Master of the Gu Family had done a terrible deed, he was the Princess Consorts brother whom Lord Ling should not establish contradiction with at the moment.

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