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Chapter 494: Your Fault!

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“Didnt you just go to the Min Mansion Why so displeased” Third Concubine asked confusedly.

She was just a concubine, and Xiuying as her child had been through a hard life.


Gu would always stop her from attending any banquet held even by the Huo Family, let alone the one held by the Min Family.

So Xiuying had very little chance to appear.

No matter whether she was pled with Mrs.

Gu or Gu Ruxue, the result was all the same.

Now the Gu Mansion was finally rising, and both Gu Ruxue and Gu Chaoyan had a family to go to, so the Old Master finally had eyes for Xiuying and had the intention of supporting her.

Therefore, he asked Mrs.

Gu to bring her to the Min Mansion.

Those who were able to attend the Min Mansions banquet were normally ladies from noble families.

So a smart girl like Xiuying would more or less harvest something.

As the Third Concubine thought of this point… She just could not understand what made Gu Xiuying this displeased.

Gu Xiuying was very annoyed by how the Third Concubine behaved – why was she just a concubine who had no way out for herself and her daughter

Gu Xiuying bellowed with eyes swollen.

“Dont you know Princess Xunyang is going to be the assistant!”

“Then you can be the witness.” Third Concubine answered, feeling cheerful.

Gu Xiuying glared at her.

“You should not have asked me to wait for Gu Chaoyan to beg me! Princess Yunxi already proposed to become her witness!” Gu Xiuying bellowed furiously.

If not for the Third Concubine who stopped and asked her to wait, so that Gu Chaoyan could come and beg her, she would not have waited for so long!

It was just a waste of time! She should have been the witness! She should have been the witness with Princess Xunyang as the assistant and Madame Min as the host!

In that case, there would be numerous people coming to make a marriage proposal to her.

Now there was no one! She was becoming an adult next year, and normally, good girls would get engaged by the time they became adults! Marriage proposals were never made after the Adulthood Ceremony – that would be too late for girls!


Gu Chaoyans Adulthood Ceremony was a wonderful opportunity which she had just missed!

Third Concubine was feeling very regretful when she heard the news.

She had not expected that Gu Chaoyan could be so capable as to get Princesses as her guests.

She would have not asked her daughter to wait if she had foreseen that happening.

It was her fault…

Third Concubine looked very guilty.

“Xiuying, I am sorry that I did not see this coming.” Third Concubine said with guilt on her face.

She was just an incapable concubine who had given Xiuying a hard time in the past few years.

Now she did not even have any opportunity for her daughter to marry someone good.

She was so incapable.

“Of course it is your fault!” Gu Xiuying was in a terrible mood as she bellowed.

“If not for your incapability, I would not have to fight for everything myself! You are always a concubine, look at Mrs.

Gu! She is now the madame! You are a concubine, who is never able to help me, you just drag me down!”

Gu Xiuying was very furious at the sight of the Third Concubine.

Third Concubine was a coward within.

She had to blame herself for being useless after hearing her daughters words.

Gu Xiuying got even more furious seeing her behavior..

She grabbed the teacup and tossed it at Third Concubine.


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