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Chapter 488: Mean Stepmother

“Stepmothers are always stepmothers!” Madame Deng bellowed.

The girl had already led a difficult life with her mother gone.

She was also a woman living in the yard of a large family, so she was pretty aware that if a stepmother took over, the lineal daughter would not normally lead a wonderful life.

They had never given the stories inside a thought.

What they had been doing was to believe those rumors and subconsciously affirmed that Elder Miss was not a well-mannered person.

However, the Elder Miss, who had not even become an adult, was bothered by rumors that were spread around by the stepmother who was completely evil! She was ruining a girls life!

If not for Lord Huai who had fallen for Lady Chaoyan, she might not even get a chance to defend herself in her life at all.

She had been impulsive.

That Lady Chaoyan could become the Princess Consort must have been approved by the Queen.

The Queen never chose the wrong girl.

She would not have allowed her only son to marry that girl, if she was a terrible person.

Everything went through her head now, and Madame Deng understood everything.

The other ladies started to realize that something was wrong – they were all ladies living in the yard of a large family, and they were all aware of the means they could possibly use to gain interests.

Sword One, who was standing next to Gu Chaoyan, finally realized what happened.

It was Elder Misss plan! The rumor that Elder Miss stole servants stuff had been going about for a long while.

If she insisted on the opposite, no one would believe her, since it happened ages ago.

Now that Elder Miss admitted the truth, things could work better.

Honestly, no young kid would have any idea of manners unless taught.

In the capital city, those families with some background would always have a mother or aunt who taught the ladies.

However, now it was proved that the stepmother of this family not only failed to teach her, but also refused to hire any aunt to teach her either.

Sword One found Elder Miss way too smart.

So she decided to boost Elder Miss up.

Sword One thought for a while, then she asked with confusion.

“Elder Miss, it seems that your mother Ms.

Lin should have been Mrs.

Gu since she went into the Gu Mansion before everyone else did.

So why was the Second Ladys Adulthood Ceremony held a couple of months before yours So the Second Lady is older than you I remember that you once told me that Mrs.

Gu only moved into the mansion when you were born.”

Gu Chaoyan almost clapped for Sword One, but Gu Chaoyan had to wear a sad expression, as if she did not dare to say a thing.


Madame Dengs eyes widened.

They had never noticed that the whole Gu Mansion was so messy!

The real lineal lady was younger than the stepmothers, so it basically meant that the Old Master of the Gu Family already had an affair before he married the concubine.

Disdain hovered over everyones face.

No ladies from any formal family would do something like this.

The ladies by the table started to discuss and gossip about Mrs.

Gu, and Madame Deng started to focus upon Mrs.

Gu as well.

Actually, some people did notice this strange point, but the Gu Mansion was way too minor to become their concern – what happened to them could just be a joke.

However, now things were different.

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