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Chapter 483: Back to the Liu Mansion

Regarding what the King said, the Princess Consort was slightly satisfied.

She had not expected that the King would approve of it directly, because Zhou Huailing was his son and he would defend him after all.

The Princess Consort was totally aware of that.

Also, the King believed that her family was one of the best choices.

It was just one month, so the Princess Consort kowtowed to the King and said, “Thank you.”

The King had a very complicated expression on his face.

Hopefully she become rational in the following month.

He waved his hand.

“Just go home now.”

“Yes.” the Princess Consort answered and left politely, then she walked out of the Imperial Study.

The Princess Consort walked steadily and elegantly like before.

Shao felt concerned about Princess Consort, yet she had no idea what to say.

So she asked.

“Princess Consort, are we heading back to the mansion first”

The Princess Consort nodded.

As she was walking with a straight back, she suddenly thought of something and asked Shao.

“Shao, you havent been back to the Liu Mansion for a long while right”

Shao nodded.

The Princess Consort was always a very obedient woman.

When women got married, they could not visit their mothers home freely.

Now that the Princess Consort had married the Lord, she had to obey the rules strictly.

So she barely visited home.

When the Princess Consort barely visited home, the maid followed suit as well.


“Princess Consort, are we heading back to the Liu Mansion now” Shao asked.

“Yeah.” the Princess Consort answered.

Shao realized what happened so she said nothing more.

At the Liu Mansion.

The Princess Consorts sudden return made General Liu panic.

He hurried here and asked at the first sight.

“Princess Consort, what is going on”

General Liu understood his daughter completely.

It was not a special day so normally, she would not be here.

So something wrong must be going on since she showed up here directly.

The Princess Consort felt like crying when she first spotted General Liu.

It was her father who knew her best in the whole world.

One glance, and he knew what was wrong with her.

The Princess Consort could not help but feel like crying.

General Liu knew that something had gone wrong.

So he took her in, then he asked everyone else to leave.

General Liu asked.

“What is going on”

The Princess Consort recounted the whole thing from beginning to the end.

“Father, I can be tolerant, but I am your daughter, who does he think we are!” the Princess Consort said seriously.

General Liu had no idea that so many things had happened.

How ridiculous Lord Ling was!

He had not liked Lord Ling, because he felt that he was not straightforward at all, but now he found that this man was very stupid!

General Liu patted the Princess Consorts shoulders.

“Qingqing, you are right.

Just get divorced! Staying here is much better than spending time with him.

I can support you!” General Liu said straightforwardly.

The Princess Consort felt slightly assured.

“Go and take some rest, I will speak with your mother about it.” General Liu said.


The Princess Consort was about to return to her own room, when the housekeeper came running.

“General, Princess Consort, Lord Ling is here.”

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