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Chapter 479: Her Grudge

“Whether or not General Liu is offended depends on the present Princess Consort.

If Ms.

Liu doesnt care, what would General Liu do anyway” Zhou Huailing said full of confidence.

He served some tea to the King and got himself a cup, and took a mouthful too.

Then he analysed.

“The Princess Consort is traditional and obedient, she would not do anything about it.”


“When I decided to get an Equal Princess Consort, she did not approve of that either, saying that it was against tradition, but now, she is still saying nothing as the Princess Consort.”


“Women only need some nice words to hear, no matter whether they are elegant or traditional.

I can make her some promises so that she would understand.

Only when I am doing well will she be able to have a better life too.” Zhou Huailing said confidently.

It was just a matter of compromise.

Hearing what Zhou Huailing said, the King felt slightly assured.

That made sense.

He was in the throne for a long while and was always restrained and cautious.

He had been unaware of the minor position Ms.

Liu was in.

If that was the case…

The King nodded.

“Since you are making the proposal personally, then I will announce the order and you shall deal with the rest properly.”

Zhou Huailing nodded directly cheerfully.

He could deal with it all properly.

Everything was just a minor thing for him.

Since he received the agreement from father, Zhou Huailing waved him goodbye as it became late, and went to fetch Gu Ruxue from Princess Jings palace.

After they walked out of the palace, Gu Ruxue asked.

“Lord, did father say yes”

Zhou Huailing nodded.

Gu Ruxue became completely excited.

She had been feeling rather anxious in Princess Jings palace, wondering if the news would turn out good.

She had to admit that the Princess Consort was, after all, the Generals daughter.

And she was in an incomparable position with the Gu Family.

Man, the Phoenix Girl was such a useful identity for her.

Since the proposal was approved, Gu Ruxue added.

“What should we do with the Princess Consort Will she hold a grudge against me”

Zhou Huailing patted the back of her hand.

Ruxue was indeed a kind-hearted girl.

The Princess Consort never showed such concern towards Ruxue who was still thinking about her now.

Oh man!

“Dont worry about her, I will handle that personally.

What you need to do is to be my Princess Consort.

There are a great many banquets for you to attend with me in the future, but Princess Jing might not be able to help you since she is always very busy.

You can visit your mother and ask her to teach you some manners,” Zhou Huailing said, feeling rather happy.

He started to like Gu Ruxue and the whole Gu Family too.

Gu Ruxue nodded sweetly.

That was the life she had been dreaming of – it was now realized so fast, on the day when she became an adult!

Back at the Lord Lings Mansion…

Zhou Huailing patted Gu Ruxues arm and said sweetly, “Go and take a bath in the room and wait for me.”

Gu Ruxue had no intention of letting him go, but as she thought of becoming the Princess Consort of Lord Ling soon, she stopped caring about this minor thing and could not wait to make Lord Ling know about her state.

It was just a matter of waiting for a while.

Gu Ruxue nodded.


Zhou Huailing was even more satisfied than before – Ruxue seemed very docile.

Then he rushed to the Princess Consorts yard, hoping to explain the whole thing to her so that he could spend more time with Ruxue.

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