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Chapter 475: Princess Consort of Lord Ling

Seeing Sword Ones behavior, Gu Chaoyan knocked on her head.

“Sword One, you are getting very nagging.”

Sword One was indeed annoyed.

“Elder Miss, I am just considering you!” Sword One said.

“You are getting more and more like Qing.” Gu Chaoyan looked at Sword One.

“Good that you dont look like each other, otherwise I would have mixed you two up!”

Sword One pursed her lips as she took a seat beside her.

How irritating! Elder Miss did not seem to care!

Gu Chaoyan asked Sword One to drink some tea, but Sword One ignored her.

Gu Chaoyan started to feel helpless.

She had to explain.

“They have nothing to show off in front of me.

Although Gu Ruxue has County Princess Anxi as the assistant, mine is Princess Xunyang! Why is my dress related to showing off”

Sword One had been annoyed with pursed lips.

She thought that Elder Miss just cared about nothing! She did not expect Gu Ruxue to bully Elder Miss.

However, it seemed that Elder Miss understood the whole point!

While looking at Gu Chaoyan, Sword understood that she had misunderstood Elder Miss who seemed so cold on the surface.

She had thought that Elder Miss did not know a thing, but actually, she was aware of everything.

Sword One instantly became very pleased.

So she started to drink tea with Gu Chaoyan and filled up her cup.


The following day, Chen Fu came to get Elder Miss early in the morning.

Gu Chaoyan had been used to sleeping in, so this early rise was not that pleasing.

And she looked slightly dumb-headed.

Sword One helped her put on warm drapery, fearing that Elder Miss was exceptionally sensitive towards coldness.

So Chen Fu led the way.

The wagon was ready.

Gu Zhenkang and Mrs.

Gu were taking the largest wagon whilst the slightly shabby-looking wagon was for Gu Chaoyan, Gu Xiuying and Gu Caiqin.

The wagon was quite small, so the three of them made it look even smaller.

Gu Chaoyan said nothing and just sat there quietly.

Gu Xiuying, however, kept glancing at her.

After the Third Concubine told her about the assistant the other day, she had been looking forward to receiving her begging, but none of that had come.

And she simply could not demean herself to ask her about it.

So she kept waiting for it to happen.

She believed that Gu Chaoyan was too dumb-headed to turn to her for help.

Now when they were all trapped in a wagon, she should have been reminded of it, right So Gu Xiuying had been waiting for her to start the conversation.

Gu Chaoyan had not been fully awake, and she was feeling quite drowsy, so she was taking a rest with her eyes closed.

Gu Xiuying was feeling so irritated, but she just gave no response! She also did not think Gu Chaoyan was worth her own attention anyway.

As she was thinking about this, they already came to Lord Lings Mansion.

Gu Xiuying was wearing a terrible expression.

This girl should start the conversation on the way home, she thought.

Gu Chaoyan already went off the wagon with Sword Ones help.

The Gu Family were heading towards Lord Lings Mansion…

This time, Lord Ling did pay great attention to Gu Ruxues Adulthood Ceremony.

Lord Ling immediately spotted the white silhouette as they were waiting for the guests at the gate.

He noticed that Gu Chaoyan looked very tired – was she having trouble sleeping

Gu Chaoyan was indeed sleepy, but she suddenly became sober as she sensed someones uncomfortable gaze upon her.

She took her steps cautiously.

Gu Chaoyan noticed the Princess Consort of Lord Ling next to Lord Ling as she was getting them.

She was reminded of the Princess Consort of Lord Ling whom she had heard about somewhere.

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