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Chapter 468: Elder Misss Assistant

Although County Princess Anxi ran into trouble a while ago, she was still the County Princess whose mother was the Elder Princess!

If only Xiuying could attend the ceremony with County Princess Anxi, then she would create a higher social status for herself in this way!

Seeing the Third Concubines greedy look Mrs.

Gu threw a disdainful look at her.

“The witness Well, she has to be Huo Wei from the Huo Family.

Huo Wei and Ruxue have been friends since childhood, so we have to invite her.”

Third Concubines excitement faded.

So that woman did not want to use Xiuying at all.

What was she going to do

“Well…”Third Concubine was about to say something more, when Mrs.

Gu snorted straightforwardly.

“Third Concubine, you are not thinking about making Gu Xiuying the host right The host is not for a young lady.”

The Third Concubine shook her head quickly.

She might be a concubine, but she knew the rules.

If Xiuying became the host, Xiuying would be completely laughed at.

She found that there was no room for her to fight for anything more.

“If all the roles are occupied, then the ladies and young masters of the Gu Mansion can attend the ceremony to broaden the horizon.” Gu Zhenkang said.


Gu did not counter the suggestion.

She did not mind showing off how glorious Ruxue was.

However, Gu Xiuying did have some opportunities.


Gu said heartfully, “Third Concubine, Ruxue might have got her friends, but Xiuying does have some chance.”

“What” Third Concubine asked expectantly.


Gu threw a look at Gu Chaoyan who was seated not far away.

She said with a sneering smile.

“That girl is having the adulthood ceremony in winter.

She doesnt seem to have any friends.

I believe that Xiuying can have some room there.”

The Third Concubine threw a look at Gu Chaoyan, and stopped showing a flattering smile.

She knew Gu Chaoyan well.

She was some deserted girl who no one cared about and who was left at the Qiong Pavilion.

Friends She had none.

She was not even going to get anyone to be her assistant and witness!

Xiuying could be one of them, but she was not begging.

If Gu Chaoyan would like to have an assistant or a witness, she could talk with her nicely.

If her words pleased her, she would let Xiuying go.

With eyes upon Gu Chaoyan the Third Concubine said, “You dont have any assistant or witness right” She sounded casual, because she knew that she had no one.

Who in the capital would want to attend the ceremony with her.

Gu Chaoyan thought for a while.

Princess Xunyang was the assistant, but she lacked a witness.

So she nodded.

The Third Concubine laughed.

See She knew that she had no one with her.

“You can ask Xiuying to attend the ceremony, but Xiuying might not approve of your request, unless you speak with her nicely.

She doesnt do work for everyone,” the Third Concubine said proudly.

Gu Chaoyan had no one with her, so it would either be Xiuying or Fourth Concubines Caiqin.

She needed to offer some benefits for her.

Otherwise no one would be there.


Gu added.

“The adulthood ceremony is very important and it is around the corner.

You and Ruxue are different.

Everyone wants to be Ruxues friends, but no one wants to be yours.

So you will have to make efforts to find someone, or it will look bad on you!”

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