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Chapter 446: Not Many Days

The next second, Zhou Huailing passed out.

She placed him upon the well-made bed, smiled and started to walk outside.

The Princess Concubine only had a few maids serving her, one was Huan, the other two were responsible for cleaning.

Seeing the Princess Concubine walking out of the chamber, they said nothing and just continued with their own work.

Huan followed and asked, “Princess Concubine, are you heading to the Princess Consorts room”

The Princess Concubine nodded and gave her an of-course expression, then she took off.

The Princess Concubine was very familiar with the Princess Consorts yard.

Seeing that no one was in the inner chamber, she headed directly to the bathroom.

The Princess Consort was a very boring woman who only moved between her room where she kept reading or to the bathroom, so she knew where to find her.

As she came to the bathroom, Shao stopped the Princess Concubine.

“Princess Concubine, the Princess Consort is in the bath, please hang on.”

In the bath

Princess Concubine looked very cheerful – that was something she could not wait for.

She gave Huan a look.

Huan grabbed Shao, then the Princess Concubine started to walk into the bathroom.

Hearing the sound of footsteps, the Princess Consort thought that it was Shao who had just walked in.

So she got up and out of the bath bucket, then she opened her arms.

The Princess Concubine thought for a while, and grabbed the towel for her to wipe, but the Princess Consort did not notice who was with her all this time.

It was not until the Princess Concubine got her the dress and started to button her up that the Princess Consort noticed that it was the Princess Concubine.

Her head turned messy and her face flushed, as she said with a serious tone, “What are you doing here”

“I am visiting you, but I didnt know that you wanted to be served, so I had to do that.

You are the Princess Consort, and I am the Princess Concubine, so it is reasonable that I am serving you.” The Princess Concubine smiled brightly.

The Princess Consort moved her hands, then she buttoned herself up in panic.

She was frowning – she had no idea how this woman managed to walk in.

She put on the dress and started to hurry out of the room.

The Princess Concubine followed with a bright smile on her face.

It was not until the Princess Consort walked out that she saw that Huan was holding Shao.

She frowned slightly, and Huan released Shao as she bowed to the Princess Consort politely.

The Princess Consort continued to walk forward, and the Princess Concubine followed.

It was not until they reached the inner chamber that the Princess Consort asked in surprise, “Isnt Lord Ling at your place”

“He is, in bed.

So I am wandering about to see if you have been hurt.” She observed the Princess Consorts face carefully as she spoke.

Only now did she see a few wounds on her neck.

The smile disappeared from her face.

The Princess Consort did not notice that.

She would have snapped at the Princess Concubine for being annoying, but today, she just could not say a word.

“I am fine, you can go back to your room,” the Princess Consort said coldly.

“You are driving me away Lord Ling is going to have fun with the Equal Princess Consort from today on, you better keep me so that I can have fun with you when you are bored.” The Princess Concubine said cheerfully.

The Princess Consort knew that was what thePrincess Concubine was like, so she did not think that thePrincess Concubine was speaking ironically.

The two women had become good friends.

The Princess Consort added.

“There wont be many days like this left.”

“What do you mean”

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