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Chapter 444: Struggling

She struggled, and her hair got unkempt, as the red hairpin dropped from her hair.

She looked quite messy.

Zhou Huailing felt the blood rising up to his head, as he saw how the Princess Consort was.

He did not normally like spending time with her so he failed to notice her beautiful look, but when he saw what she looked like now, he just could not stand it any more.

He started to rip off her blouse.

The Princess Consort felt cold air on her neck as the collar was ripped open.

She defended herself with her hands over her chest since she failed to move him away, as she shouted furiously, “What are you doing, Zhou Huailing!”

Her face was reddened.

It was either from anger or from shyness.

Under such an air, Zhou Huailing had no thoughts against the Princess Consorts calling by his real name.

Instead, he found her very lovely.

That made her even more annoyed.

He looked about and realized that they were in the study.

Yes, the Princess Consort was a well-behaved woman who could not accept doing anything in such a place.

If that was the case, they could change places, for example the inner chamber.

When they got closer, they could try doing that in the study instead.

At that time, she might not resist him in this way any more.

As he thought about this, Zhou Huailing decided to follow his idea.

“You are my Princess Consort, and it is your duty to serve me.

Since you are not willing to do that now, we can change to another place,” Zhou Huailing said gently.

He lifted her, then they started to walk into the inner chamber.

The Princess Consort was panicking.

She just did not understand – it was his wedding day with Gu Ruxue.

He had made so many efforts just to get her into the mansion, and he was not spending the wedding night with Gu Ruxue, but with her! He had never behaved like this before.

He had always been polite.

She had thought about spending some quiet days so she could get an opportunity to go into the court.

As she was distracted, Princess Consort had already been thrown to the bed.

She got startled and tried to struggle out of his arms.

Zhou Huailing found this extremely interesting, as he saw how the well-behaved Princess Consort was acting right now.

He pushed her down as she got up.

With hands over Princess Consort, he gazed at her face.

“Princess Consort, you are behaving very well today.”

The Princess Consort frowned, and gave him a heavy push.

“Lord, Lady Ruxue is waiting for you!”

She turned around, not intending to look at him.

Zhou Huailing was furious – it was her honor to receive him here.

She was the Princess Consort and Ruxue was the Equal Princess Consort, so she should have taken the opportunity of sucking up to him! So why was she drying him away Did she hate him so much

Zhou Huailing believed that it was possible.

His expression sank.

“You are living in my mansion and I can go wherever I want.

Today, you are going to serve me!”

Having said this, he started to remove the Princess Consorts clothes.

Instead of struggling, Princess Consort stayed still.

No matter what Zhou Huailing was doing, she was totally frozen.

Zhou Huailing was right.

Since she was the Princess Consort, then she had no right to resist.

The Princess Consort turned around in disappointment.

Zhou Huailing, who had been in a wild mood, got increasingly furious seeing the Princess Consort just lying still.

He got up from her body and said, “Well, well, well, next time I will never come to your chamber, no matter how much you plead with me!”

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