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Chapter 432: Willing or Not

Gu Yunxuans birth mother passed away when he was little, whilst Mrs.

Gu never cared about him and Gu Zhenkang preferred his eldest son instead.

So Gu Yunxuan was not living a rich life at the mansion either.

However, Gu Yunxuan was always dressed neatly and properly on the few occasions Gu Chaoyan met him.

However, today he looked exhausted and messy, and his clothes seemed not to stand in line with his status as the Young Master.

Gu Chaoyan was not a very nosy person, but she just could not help but ask him.

Gu Yunxuan saw the tea kettle on the table, and hurried to fetch a cup.

“Chaoyan, let me drink some tea first, I will tell you later.”

Before Sword One could serve him, he poured himself a few cups and drank everything.

Then he took a seat and sat down.

He said, “Ruxue is getting married soon, and Brother has his own work to do, so he leaves the errands for me to run.

I have been dealing with a lot of small and big errands these days.

That should not be a difficult thing for me, since I am used to the military life where we are always in a hurry, but I just dont have much knowledge about the errands in the mansion, so I have spent extra effort in getting to know the procedures.”

Having said these words, Gu Yunxuan poured himself some more cups of tea and gulped it down.

Gu Chaoyan frowned involuntarily.

The Gu Mansion was not an ordinary mansion with no servants.

Chen Fu was the housekeeper and there were so many pageboys and maids in the mansion.

So why was the Young Master running about He was now working as a pageboy!

Gu Chaoyan felt quite furious inwardly.

The Gu Mansion was so good at making use of people.

Gu Yunxuan might not have much awareness about the meaning behind that.

He thought that he was doing all of these for his own sister Gu Ruxue.

“I am done with drinking, Chaoyan, just eat the chicken while it is still hot.

I am not even sure when I will be able to get it for you again.

I bought these when I was on an errand and came running when no one was around,” Gu Yunxuan said and got up, ready to continue with his own affairs.

Gu Chaoyan took hold of him.

She looked at Gu Yunxuan with determination.

“Second Brother, I have a job for you, but you have to start from the bottom, are you willing to do that”

“Yes.” Gu Yunxuan said without much consideration.

He was totally engaged with different affairs these days, but none of them seemed to be meaningful at all – he was always running about doing small errands.

“Chaoyan, what are you asking me for I have considered asking my father to find a small job for me to do, after Ruxue gets married.” An honest smile hovered over Gu Yunxuans gentle-looking face.

Gu Chaoyan shook her head.

“No, not to father.” Gu Chaoyan let out a sigh of relief.

“Second Brother, hang on for two days, I will ask the Lord to help you.”

Gu Yunxuan got embarrassed.

“Would that be too inconvenient for you” He looked worried.

Gu Chaoyan burst out into laughter.

“No, Lord Huai is a nice man.”

She had someone from her mothers family.

Her Second Brother was one of them!

After a few more words, Gu Chaoyan asked Gu Yunxuan to continue with his own affairs.

After Gu Yunxuan left, Sword One showed a sneaky smile as she stuffed the chicken at Gu Chaoyan.

“Elder Miss, you really like salty-chicken”

Gu Chaoyans face twitched.

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