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Chapter 415: Mild

“The King told me that Chaoyan is visiting the court today, so I have been waiting at my palace all alone.

Seeing that she has not yet arrived, I asked Susu to get the information, then I found out that she is at your palace… So I joined you for some small talk.” The Queen sounded very mild, slow and gentle.

The Empress Dowager said nothing when she mentioned the King in front of her.

She pursed her lips, showing no friendly look.

She did not like the Queen.

She had only kept the girl for just a short while and now she was here defending her.

Lord Lings Princess Consort spent the whole day serving her before, and Princess Jing did not do anything about it.

That was what the Jiang Family were like – they were all martial arts people who did not have good manners.

If not for the King, she would not have shown any coutersey to her.

She snorted.

Since she already got the girls approval of getting the prescription and vented the anger, she did not care if the girl was here or not.

She waved her hands.

“I am tired.

I dont have time to chit chat with you.

Since you are here, just leave,” the Empress Dowager said with a cold voice.

Having said these words, she got up and walked towards her inner chamber.

The Queen stood up from the chair and started to walk towards Gu Chaoyan.

Since the Empress Dowager was still within sight, Gu Chaoyan did not get up directly and continued to stay on her knees.

Seeing the way she behaved, the Queen knew that she had been on her knees for a long while.

Apart from Princess Jing, no one would have a good time here with the Empress Dowager.

She went up to help Gu Chaoyan up.

“Good girl, you can get up now.”

Since Gu Chaoyan was keeping her head lowered, what greeted her eyes were a hand with cardamon painted on the nails.

Then she got startled.

She knew that the Queen was Zhou Huaijins mother.

She had pictured a look of what The Queen was like – she would be serious, or she would have an indifferent look, but she had not expected that she would be such a mild-tempered woman.

She had no mother in both her previous life and now, so she felt that the Queen was like her mother.

“The Empress Dowager is gone, all is fine now.

Just get up.” The Queen thought that Chaoyan had been startled by the Empress Dowager so she became timid and startled.

So she took hold of Gu Chaoyans hands and said, “Get up now.”

Gu Chaoyan came back to herself, got up and did not dare to place her weight upon the Queens hands.

When she got up, she staggered because of her numb legs.

Susu walked up and helped to support her.

“Thank you, Queen,” Gu Chaoyan flushed and said in embarrassment.

“It is fine.”

Then they walked out of Cining Palace together.

It was not until they walked out of Cining Palace that the Queen asked, “Knees hurt”

“It is fine.” Gu Chaoyan answered.

She had gone through very serious training in her previous life, it was not a difficult thing for her to stay on her knees for one hour! Also, she did not want to worry the Queen.

The Queen had no idea so she just shook her head slightly, thinking that she was just playing strong.

On the way to Weiyang Palace, the Queen consoled.

“You dont need to be worried.

Huaijin is a lord, so he has a mansion outside the court, you barely need to visit the court, so such a thing will not happen that often.”

As she was speaking, the Queen asked worriedly, “The Empress Dowager asked you for the prescriptions… did you give them to her Am I too late”

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