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Chapter 414: The Queen

The maid poured the Empress Dowager a new cup of tea.

Holding the warm tea in her hands, the Empress Dowager kept staring at Gu Chaoyan, who was on her knees, smiling with pride.

She had taught Anxi to stay calm and to understand that she could take it slow in taking revenge, but Anxi was a very anxious girl, so she failed in the contest against others.

She did not take revenge for Anxi directly, because she was going to torment Gu Chaoyan step by step.

The Empress Dowager took a sip of tea, waiting for Gu Chaoyan to give the answer in composure.

Without showing an altered expression on her face, Gu Chaoyan nodded frankly, “Yes, I am doing it.”

The Empress Dowagers smiling face turned into surprise hearing her indifferent answer.

She put down the teacup, and then she stared at Gu Chaoyans face.

She was still wearing the same look as when she walked in.

She did not look angry at all.

She behaved as if….

As if those prescriptions were of no importance to her or mattered anything for her.

The Empress Dowager stayed silent for as long as 30 seconds.

“You are doing that”


If the prescription can help the folk, then I am doing this for the whole world by offering the prescription.” Gu Chaoyan still showed a bright smile as she was speaking, as if thinking that the Empress Dowager had made a very wonderful proposal.

The Empress Dowager got stuck.

She did not expect that a young woman like Gu Chaoyan could behave so calmly.

She was treating what mattered to her most in such a calm way.

No wonder Anxi was not a match against her.

She should have taken her more seriously.

But… So what

When her prescriptions were offered, she would lose what supported her above all.

She had a weak background and she did not have anyone else backing her up.

She would only stay popular for a short while.

When she made it through, the Empress Dowager regained her smile.

“Since Lady Chaoyan cares so much about the folk, then get the prescriptions delivered to the court as soon as possible for the imperial doctors to take a look, before passing them to the folk,” the Empress Dowager said seriously, warning her implicitly that she should not fabricate anything, because the imperial doctors were all going to check the prescriptions out.

Gu Chaoyan answered politely, “Okay.”

The Empress Dowager felt that she had given a soft punch.

She got so annoyed and the feelings did not disband.

However, she simply could not come up with any words to counter her at all.

A while later, the Empress Dowager said, “I heard that you have made a bet with Doctor Huang Xuan, saying that she is getting out of Saint College if you save the man”

“You must be the most wild woman in the whole city.

I wonder what made you so arrogant”

“Well, I need a female doctor here in the court, and Doctor Yinghan would be too busy doing it alone.

So I will get her to be in the court with me.”

Having said these words, the Empress Dowager threw another look at Gu Chaoyan.

She found that Gu Chaoyan was still wearing a very calm look on her face.

She did not look angry at all.

Well, she started the bet so as to embarrass Huang Xuan, but now she was not showing any anger when Huang Xuan got something better instead.

The Empress Dowager was so pissed.

She was about to say something, when a sharp voice arose from outside.

“The Queen is here.”

The words had just been spoken when the Queen walked in with her maids.

She greeted the Empress Dowager, then she took a seat.

“Queen, what are you doing here”

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