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Chapter 413: Prescriptions

“The Lin Family is treating you well.

Lin Zeqing would rather sacrifice his own social statuses just to keep the prescriptions, but now you are possessing all of those treasures.” The Empress Dowager sounded very disdainful.

She could have appreciated her if this girl called Gu Chaoyan was truly skilled, but she heard from Anxi that she was depending on her ancestral prescriptions.

Then this girl was totally useless.

She did not think that Zhou Huaijin was going to become successful in the future, but at least, he was one of the imperial children.

Why was he marrying such a girl rather than Anxi He was just as blind as his Queen Mother.

Gu Chaoyan frowned.

She had intended to make an explanation about the prescription, but seeing The Empress Dowagers disdainful look, she had no intention of explaining anything.

Instead, she said straightforwardly, “My mother was the Lin Familys daughter, my grandfathers daughter.

There is nothing wrong with him giving the family treasure to my mother who gave it to me.”

Gu Chaoyan was still on her knees, but her eyes were bright and her tone strong.

If the prescriptions were truly available, she would have all the rights to possess them.

Even her uncle did not step forward to blame her for anything, so she had no idea why the outsiders felt that they could do the scolding.

The ranks of the Saint Divine Land were inherited by generations.

The Lin Family might not be a royal family, yet they still had stuff to pass down.

Look at the other imperial doctors, didnt they also have the rights to get all the prescriptions from their own families Then why was this a mistake in her case

It was the first time for The Empress Dowager to hear someone countering her like this.

She was feeling very pissed, and the hands that held the cup turned pale, but she showed no expression on her face.

She had spent decades in the court, and she had lost the method of countering people on the surface.

After feeling the anger, she showed a brief smile.

Then she took a sip from the tea, which startled her maid who was about to remind her that the tea had cooled down.

However, the Empress Dowager already drank the tea, so the maid gave up.

The Empress Dowager was in the middle of being angry, so she did not notice such trivial matters.

She put down the teacup.

“We all say that doctors are kind-hearted.

So Lady Chaoyan, you are holding the prescriptions that can save everyone, why not share them with the public, so the imperial doctors and local physicians could read them through for better happiness.

Many locals would stop suffering from diseases.”

“Lord Huai has told me about the engagement with you.

You are not born in a family that can be qualified for being a Princess Consort.

Yet the King doesnt stop Lord Huai since he insists on it.”

“If you can share the prescriptions, then you are doing something good.

That would be an advantage for you if you want to be part of the imperial family.”

The Empress Dowager was smiling strangely.

If she was so proud of her prescription, then she could just get what was the most important thing for her.

She would like to see what she was going to do without the prescription.

Lord Huai thought that her skills were good, didnt he Without the prescriptions, Lord Huai was not going to treat her well either.

Anxi liked Lord Huai, but she was not going to let Anxi marry Lord Huai.

Yet she was not going to let someone Anxi did not like marry Lord Huai either.

“Gu Chaoyan, that is a kind deed, are you doing it or not” The Empress Dowager sounded intimidating.

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