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Chapter 406: The Changed Day

“I have already told her what is supposed to be said, what more can I do” Xia Yinghan countered.

She felt a touch of pain crossing her heart, seeing what Xue Feihan was like.

Xue Feihan did not notice any of this.

Huang Xuans misery had already dominated his head.

They were classmates from the same school.

They grew up together, and he knew pretty well how much difficulty Huang Xuan went through in Saint College.

That was why he was feeling very concerned about her!

However, he was the least skilled among all of them, so Huang Xuan barely listened to his advice.

Yinghan was different.

Yinghan was the most skillful among the three since they were still little.

So Huang Xuan respected her and expected to hear her approval.

That was what happened just now.

Xue Feihan was a very gentleman, so he spoke in a very mild, slow way.

“Huang Xuan is your Junior Sister, and you should at least defend her!”

If that was the case, Huang Xuan would not have been so saddened.

“What about going back and consoling her She likes to split hairs, and I am worried that she is going into a dead corner and will fail to get out of it.” Xue Feihan said worriedly.

What was Yinghan thinking about taking that minor students side

Xia Yinghan shook her head and said resolutely, “That is not happening.”


“It is Huang Xuans fault.”


“I only took the truths side.” Xia Yinghan said coldly and hurried off.

Xue Feihan was feeling helpless, calling out to Xia Yinghan, who ignored him.

So he sighed.

Then he returned to the room.

The moment Xue Feihan turned around, Xia Yinghan turned around and saw Xue Feihan heading into Huang Xuans room.

She sighed slightly and headed towards the herb room.


Gu Chaoyan had just made some medicine.

After thinking discreetly for a while, she was a little worried that the patient was not able to tolerate the strength of the medicine.

So she took some magical water and added it inside.

The magical water worked very well in healing wounds.

If this man could take some magical water that healed his inner organs, then the medicine would work on him.

So Gu Chaoyan started to get down to work.

She first of all fed some magical water to the man.

Thanks to Deans pills earlier, he was still able to take in some drinks.

A quarter hour after the magical water, Gu Chaoyan found that the bruise on his chest had decreased.

For a moment, she became a bit joyful and fed some herb drinks to him.

After one hour, she was going to feel his pulse again.

And during this one hours time, Gu Chaoyan made some honeysuckle tea for herself, and thought a bit while seated in the room.

That wild boar she and Zhou Huaijin ran into in the mountains was quite feral, but that wild boar was not a match for her, so she did not give it much thought.

However, what made that wild boar so enormous and ferocious after all

Could all of this have anything to do with what the Destiny Monk said With the Phoenix Girl

That strange phenomenon on that very day was one of the most peculiar things as well.

If all of these were related, then everything could make sense.

If the Phoenix Girl could bring about the strange phenomenon, then did it mean that on this land, there were other even more ferocious things existing

Like the space she had gotten for no reason.

Could… Could it be that changes would happen to this land very soon If that was the case… the Destiny Monk had to be found!

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