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Chapter 40: Working With Lord Huai

Gu Chaoyan sneered.

Now she understood what was going on!

It seemed that Lu Jiming told them about her saving the little boy the other day, and after some discussion, they realized that they could get connected with the Wang Family through her.

Hence, they were offering her the Concubine Princess position suddenly.

Concubine Princess A Concubine

Duke Changning and his family were unbelievably thick-cheeked.

They were making use of her yet they pretended as if they were showing benevolence towards her!

First of all, it was them who owed her mother a favor, and to top it, they were offering her a lowly position in the mansion.

It was very kind of them, indeed, huh They would not onlyrepay the favour but would also get involved with the Wang Family in this way.

Initially, Gu Chaoyan did not really dislike Duke Changning so much.

Rumors had made her sound like a terrible person, so it was reasonable that they cancelled the marriage.

But now, she found the entire family to be disgusting.

“I disagree!” Gu Chaoyan snapped, looking very cold.

“What” Duke Changning and his wife were surprised.

They had been expecting that this hideous woman would be grateful to them, but she turned them down What an ungrateful bitch!

Duke Changnings wife lost her pleasant expression.

She snapped.

“We offered you this position for your mothers sake.”

Her expression turned meaner and she continued in a loud voice.

“You want to be the princess instead”

“You dont deserve that position!” Lu Jiming interjected and looked at Gu Chaoyan with disgust clearly visible on his face.

“You cant get everything you desire, have you seen yourself in the mirror Your attitude is so brazen!”

Gu Chaoyan frowned.

She had never met another family who was as shameless as this one.

The position of the princess

She did not care about that either!

She had even turned down Lord Huais proposal.

Why would she ever think about becoming this princes wife Ridiculous!

These people would have died had they met her in her previous life.

But in this era, she had to tolerate the abuse and could do nothing because ones social status mattered the most here.

At this point, Gu Chaoyan started to think about cooperating with that mental Lord Huai.

He had offered her the position of his wife.

She was sure that she could offer him something in return to make the deal mutually beneficial.

She clenched her fists and pressed down her fury.

She stared at Duke Changnings wife coldly.

“I was more than willing to cancel the marriage, in tandem with the Princes wishes.”


“Even if Prince did not write the divorce paper, I would have done that.”


“I want neither of the positions!”


“And it is you who proposed this, not me!”

Having said the words, she bowed to Madame Gu and said, “Please, turn down this proposal for me!”

Madame Gu looked at Gu Chaoyan in all seriousness.

Her voice held no emotions.

“You are sure about this”

“Very sure.” Gu Chaoyan answered without a moment of hesitation.

Lu Jimings face underwent a change.

He was thoroughly peeved now.

But Madame Gu was quite happy, though it did not show on her face.

“You must think it through carefully.

I wont be able to help you if you regret this in the future.”

Gu Chaoyan still nodded earnestly.

She was already thinking about cooperating with Lord Huai, so she had nothing to regret about the future, nothing at all.


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