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Chapter 399: Blaming

“What are you talking about, old b**ch I am a concubines daughter so what Why cant I marry someone good Even Gu Chaoyan managed to! I can too! Dad promised to get me married off to someone good, you old b**ch better not drag me down!” Gu Wanru shouted loudly and directly at her.

Yes she was indeed the concubines daughter, but that was not up to her! She was born by a concubine, and she had been suffering too much! She needed to marry someone so she could get a better life for herself! Why was this old b**ch talking like this She was a woman herself! Also, Gu Chaoyan was the daughter of a business family! Even she could marry a lord, so why couldnt she marry the Young Duke She was definitely going to marry someone good to prove herself!

Having said the words, she let out a snort and hurried back to the yard.

Chen Fu had no idea what to say.

Seeing the Third Lady leaving, he sighed.

“Madame Gu, dont take it seriously, the Third Lady is just in a bad mood when she says things like this.”

“Cai Ming, take Madame Gu back to the yard.” Chen Fu said and sighed.

He just had no idea what made this home like this.

Madame Gu clenched her fists and stayed silent.

“Madame Gu, lets go back to the room.” Cai Ming said and started to push her way.

It was not until they walked out of the front yard that Madam Gu asked in confusion, “What is going on What on earth is going on I am doing all of this for their sake! Official families and royal families care a great deal about their spouts background! I told them all of this for their own good, otherwise they would have to suffer!”

Cai Ming stayed speechless.

That was what the Gu Family were always like.

When Old Master asked Madame Gu to take over the management, she had thought that Madame Gu would turn him down.

After all, Old Master moved Madame Gu to the remote yard so she had been living a miserable life alone.

If that happened once, it would happen twice.

If they had turned down Old Master, they could still be defended and sheltered by the Elder Miss.

Elder Miss looked cold, but she was indeed a caring person.

She did not give them much food and money, but with all of these, they were able to live a peaceful life.

However, when Madame Gu agreed to help the Old Master, he not only refused to listen to her, but Madame Gu also lost the chance of getting help from Elder Miss.

She would like to mention all of these, but she was a servant who could not say a thing.

So she had to push Madame Gu all the way back to the yard whilst listening to Madam Gus complaints.

Madame Gu kept nagging, not caring whether Cai Ming had talked.

She did not need suggestions.

She just needed somewhere to vent her anger.


At Duke Norths Mansion.

Zheng Chenyi returned home when he failed to complete the mission.

The moment he entered the mansion, Mrs.

Duke North was already waiting for him there.

She walked up to him.

“Chenyi, did you get to meet Lady Chaoyan What did she say Was she annoyed Did she blame us”

“I thought that she was just going to become a concubine, and felt that all would be easy, because we only needed to suck up to the Princess Consort.

However, I heard from the court that Lord Huai is marrying her as the Princess Consort! The future Princess Consort of Lord Huai! We must not offend her! We must keep her happy, what if she hates us!” Mrs.

Duke North looked anxious.

“Mom!” Zheng Chenyi shouted furiously.

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