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Chapter 398: Right Family

When he was asking this question, the frank-looking Young Duke somehow got nervous.

He had no idea where to put his hands.

He felt a feeling arising inside him.

He had stayed at home for a few days to rest after leaving the court.

He had thought about leaving all of these behind, but his mother kept nagging by his ears, worrying that Lady Chaoyan would hate Duke Norths Mansion, so she asked him to clarify the misunderstanding.

He had turned down that matter at the beginning, but as he heard more and more of what his mother said, he started to look forward to the visit.

And today, he approved of her request and came to the Gu Mansion.

He even had that book titled The Saint Divine Anecdotes with him.

If… if only they could have a moment together… he would very much like to talk with Lady Chaoyan about this book and find an opportunity to return it to her.

If all went well, he would like to borrow another one.

He had been thinking about all of these when he took up the tea and had a sip of it.

He gave a dry laugh and then looked at Gu Zhenkang.

Gu Zhenkang had faded in age, but he still looked quite handsome.

However Zheng Chenyi was quite curious why Chaoyan did not resemble her father.

“She just left the mansion for Saint College.” Gu Zhenkang answered honestly.

Zheng Chenyi felt himself getting dumbfounded.

She was gone She had left home She left home today He was already here early, but he still missed the chance to meet her He should not have hesitated… he should have paid the visit yesterday! Or maybe they were not meant to meet each other.

What was the problem

Zheng Chenyi felt the book inside his arms.

His head was messy, face looking disappointed and saddened, but Gu Zhenkang never noticed a thing.

He did not care what he had asked or said.

Wanru was available if Chaoyan was gone.

Wanru might be a concubines daughter, but she was prettier, and she was sure to attract the Young Duke!

He was thinking as he said happily, “Young Duke, Chaoyan is not here, but Wanru is available.

What about asking Wanru to show you around the mansion”

Zheng Chenyi did not catch what he said, but kept shaking his head.

Then disappointment dominated his face.

“If Chaoyan is gone… then I will be off now.”

Then he got up and started to leave.

Gu Zhenkang got anxious – what did he mean that he was leaving

He intended to get up and stop him, but Zheng Chenyis pageboy blocked the way.

Gu Zhenkang was both anxious and helpless.

Chen Fu arrived with Gu Wanru in a hurry, but the man was already gone.

Gu Wanru was still wearing a cheerful look on her face – although none of her marriage arrangements turned out to be successful, father did have the intention of getting a good family for her.

That cheered her up completely, and she expected to seize the opportunity so that she could get out of the remote yard.

“Dad, where is he” Gu Wanru asked as she glanced about.

“You are too late.

You dont know how to grip the opportunity! Young Duke is long gone, no more asking!” Gu Zhenkang was feeling quite annoyed as he snapped at Gu Wanru directly.

Then he flung his sleeves and went away.

Gu Wanru looked wronged.

Tears kept rolling in her eyes.

Seeing the scene, Madame Gu could not help but console her.

“Wanru, dont be disappointed, you are the daughter of the concubine, and you are never going to be accepted by Duke Norths Mansion! You better stay calm and when it is time, we will find you a nice suitor.”

Gu Wanru was sorry to have arrived late, but now she got extremely furious hearing what Madame Gu said.

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