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Chapter 389: Conspiracy 2

Instead of saying anything more, Gu Chaoyan stood up and knocked that man out.

Then she went back to her original seat and Sword Three came out, threw a glance at the man on the floor, kicked him and greeted Gu Chaoyan.

“Elder Miss, what is your plan”

“Go and bring Gu Ruxue here.

You know what to do.” Gu Chaoyan said calmly, frowning.

Sword Three did not hesitate a second.

He was one of the best hidden guards in Shadow Door.

He had done even more fierce punishment to those who had framed his master.

So he flew out directly.

Gu Chaoyan opened the door and walked out.

When Sword One and Lianxiang appeared with the pastry, Gu Zhenkang was leading Mrs.

Gu and Lord Ling to the study.

Lianxiang nodded at Mrs.

Gu slightly, suggesting that she had completed her mission.


Gu was wearing an even brighter smile on her face, as if she had already seen how Gu Chaoyans innocence was ruined, and reputation was destroyed.

She could even see how Lord Huai broke off the engagement with her and she got cursed and scolded by everyone on the street.

She better became the most notorious person in the whole land!

They served all of these!

“Who shut the door of the study!” Mrs.

Gu spoke loudly, meaning to get the message through to everyone.

Gu Zhenkang found something weird was going on too.

He took a few steps forward and showed a very strange expression.

“True, my study is always open, rarely locked.

What is going on Some thief is in” Then he turned to Chen Fu behind his back.

“Chen Fu, go and open the door!”

Chen Fu responded… Then he went to open the door, which was closed yet not locked.

So he pushed the door open with some force.

However, the moment he opened the door, his eyes widened.

What was going on He got so startled that he shut the door and turned to Gu Zhenkang with a pale face.

“Old Master, it is a little bit messy inside, some thief must have been there.

Lets find somewhere to talk about the business, okay I will get someone to clean the room first.”

Chen Fus head was messy, and his limbs were shivering.

He had been the butler for dozens of years, and he was at least capable of facing such situations.

Gu Zhenkang was pissed that the Gu Mansion was robbed, but instead of giving it too much thought, he still thought that it was better to change a place for the conversation.

“What about the front yard”

Hearing the words, Mrs.

Gu glared at Chen Fu.

How dared this servant defend Gu Chaoyan!

“Open the door! I would like to see who dares to steal stuff at Old Masters study!” Then she turned to Chen Fu.

“Are you trying to get the thief out of trouble! You are becoming very disloyal!”

Then she was about to rush forward and push open the door…

However, Chen Fu gripped the door with strength, shaking head to Mrs.



Gu got even more annoyed when she saw him shaking his head!

She gave Chen Fu a kick.

“You old servant, how dare you defend the thief!”

Chen Fu did not get to dodge the kick.

So he lost his balance and almost fell over.


Gu pushed the door open at this moment.

The moment the door was pushed open, Chen Fu closed his eyes in despair.


Gu let out a scream.

And Gu Zhenkang and Lord Ling both looked inside.

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