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Chapter 387: Mrs.

Gus Request

That was what Zhou Huaijin was worried about.


Duke North had been suffering a great deal from life, and she had been quite discreet.

That was how her weird personality was formed.

Now that she received the news that he was marrying Chaoyan, Mrs.

Duke North must be worried that what she had said to Chaoyan before would have affected her emotions.

So she decided to pay an apologetic visit.

Chaoyan did not care about that, but even if Chaoyan said so, Mrs.

Duke North would not believe what she heard.

That would make the whole thing fall into a dead cycle.

And Chaoyan was an honest girl who would not establish friendship with Mrs.

Duke North who once hurt her.

And Mrs.

Duke North would not be able to establish any friendship with anyone either.

That was why Zhou Huaijin was worried that Chaoyan would be upset about the matter, thus telling her ahead of time.

Gu Chaoyan waved her hands.

“Just let Mrs.

Duke North deliver the payment to Yellow Crane, so Manager Song can take care of it.

As for Mrs.

Duke North, I am not meeting her again.”

Zhou Huaijin nodded.

That sounded good.

Now that Young Duke was getting better, it was expected that he could persuade Mrs.

Duke North to live on with strength.

They stopped talking about those unhappy things.

Zhou Huaijin thought for a while.

“Now we are engaged, but our wedding has to wait until next spring, after your adult ceremony.

Are you willing to do so”

Gu Chaoyan nodded.

Although she did not want to stay at the Gu Mansion that was a manner she had to follow.

A girl could get engaged ahead of time, but the wedding could only take place after the adult ceremony.

Probably only someone like Lord Ling would urge the wedding with Gu Ruxue to take place despite the manners.

When she thought about this, Gu Chaoyan could not help but sigh emotionally, “You are so kind, Jin.”

“Then what do I get in return” Zhou Huaijin leaned forward.

Gu Chaoyan glared at him and continued with her own tea, ignoring what he said.

Zhou Huaijin glanced at the servants standing next to them, thinking for the first that those people were just barriers.

He sighed helplessly and took another sip of tea as well.

They chatted for a little while longer.

And Zhou Huaijin walked around the mansion with Gu Chaoyan until the evening, when Zhou Huaijin gave Gu Chaoyan a lift home.

The Young Duke was already out of the court.

And she was getting ready to return to Saint College.

The Dean was nice, so she should not disappoint him.

After she returned to the Qiong Pavilion, Gu Chaoyan paid a special visit to the pills and the featherless phoenix.

Seeing that they were all doing well, she came out of the space, feeling assured.


The following day Gu Chaoyan asked Sword One to pick as many ripe fruits as possible, getting ready for the trip back to Saint College.

She was going to take them all to the Dean and Yuanxiang for a taste.

Those fruits were wonderful things, irrigated by the magical water.

They should not be wasted anywhere else.

They were just busy with their work in the yard, when Lianxiang came and said to her politely, behaving totally differently from the past.

“Miss, Mrs.

Gu asks for you.”

Gu Chaoyan frowned.


Gu was asking for her Why

Fearing that Gu Chaoyan would turn her down, Lianxiang added.

“Old Master is there too.

They need you for something.”

Gu Chaoyan found that something weird was going on.

Gu Zhenkang would normally ask Chen Fu to get her instead of Lianxiang.

Something strange was definitely going on.

“Lead the way.” Gu Chaoyan answered calmly.

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