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Chapter 386: Out of the Court

“Oh yeah” Gu Chaoyan looked up in confusion and stared at Zhou Huaijins eyes, thinking that he had forgotten to tell her something important.

Zhou Huaijin lowered his head and saw a pair of watery eyes gazing at him in confusion, he suddenly got reminded of Seven.

Yan did resemble Seven a great deal.

Zhou Huaijin chuckled as he thought of this.

“What are you laughing at” Gu Chaoyan frowned slightly, assuming that she had gotten a stain on her face.

She felt her face and found nothing.

Zhou Huaijin was still smiling.

“You look like Seven when you smile.

She is cute, and I can introduce you to her in court someday.”

Gu Chaoyan had no idea who Seven was.

She thought that it must be some princess in the court.

So she nodded.

“What did you just want to say to me” Gu Chaoyan asked.

“Oh, I was about to tell you about the mansion.

There is no empty mansion available here in the capital, nor did I find anyone who is selling houses.

So I spared some effort and found one in the city, surrounded by quietness, just as you desired.

However, the mansion is kind of small, I am not sure if you will mind about that.

It is fine, if you dont like it, we can find another one that suits us both.” Zhou Huaijin explained.

That was such a minor thing, in Gu Chaoyans opinion.

She leaned against his chest and said casually, “It is fine, we just need a place to stay.”

Zhou Huaijin knew her well.

She was not someone with much greed and she was okay with most things, but he still expected to find something better so that she did not have to suffer from anything, big or small.

As they were talking they came to the destination.

Hearing Fu Baos voice, Gu Chaoyan got up and was about to get off the wagon, when Zhou Huaijin followed.

She had just gotten off the wagon when Sword One spotted Gu Chaoyan and went up to her.

“Miss, your hair is unkempt.” Then she started to sort it for her.

Gu Chaoyan was showing no expression on her face as she stood there.

Sword One felt a bit surprised – Miss was not blushing as before!

While Sword One helped to get her hair well combed, Zhou Huaijin kept Gu Chaoyan company in the mansion.

They were walking with Fu Bao and Sword One following behind.

They were mumbling between themselves.

The door was opened and Qing walked out.

She looked at Gu Chaoyan with excitement.


“Qing!” Gu Chaoyan smiled and felt Qings face.

“You are so well taken care of, you have put on some weight.”

Qing stomped her feet.

Her Miss was calling her chubby!

Zhou Huaijin chuckled along.

The mansion was almost done.

Two or three more servants were hired apart from Qing.

It was a very quiet place.

There was a Guelder-rose tree in the yard.

Zhou Huaijin asked Qing to get the things placed under the Guelder-rose tree, so they could sit and have a chat.

Gu Chaoyan threw a look at the Guelder-rose tree.

She suddenly thought of why her Qiong Pavilion had the same character as Guelder-rose Could it have been that Mrs.

Lin liked Guelder-roses as well

She felt a bit emotional.

“Young Duke is out of the court now.” Zhou Huaijin took a sip of the tea and said casually.

Gu Chaoyan nodded.

It seemed that he was doing well so he could move about without difficulty now.

That was earlier than she had anticipated.


Duke North might present the thank-you gifts at your door.”

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