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Chapter 375: Dowry 2

“Gu Chaoyan wont marry anyone great in her life, it would be such a waste to give the doweries to her.

Just tell her tomorrow.” Gu Zhenkang said relaxedly.

Someone would always help her when they wanted the dowries, but things were different now.

Ruxue was marrying Lord Ling, and even if Lord Huai might like her prescriptions, he would not do anything to fight against Lord Ling, would he

Gu Zhenkang knew that everything would go on smoothly.

So in his opinion, that was such an easy thing to deal with.

He took hold of Mrs.

Gus hands, “Just go home and rest, me and Chen Fu will make sure everything goes well, then I will head for Pear Garden.” Then he raised his eyebrows at Mrs.



Gu patted him and looked very happy.

Then she got up and left.

Chen Fu walked in and continued with the conversation.


The following morning, Gu Chaoyan was asked to come to the front yard very early in the morning, though she had planned to sleep in.

She looked very displeased as she went with Sword One to the front yard.

Everyone was there, including Gu Zhenkang, Mrs.

Gu and Gu Ruxue.

They were all looking at Gu Chaoyan.

“Here you are.” Gu Zhenkang said briefly instead of letting her take a seat.

He took his teacup, sipped the tea and said quietly, “Lord Ling is marrying your Second Sister, in the manner of the Princess Consort.”


“We should not demean ourselves either.”


“So your Second Sister has to be prepared with lots of dowries, so I plan to use the dowries your mother has left for you for your Second Sister.”


“We are a family, and we should go through ups and downs together.

Second Sister is our only hope, and you have to take care of Second Sister first, only when she is doing well will you have a bright future too.”


“Just as we talked about before, if you wish, we can help you find a family to marry into, and have one portion of dowries ready, we wont treat you badly.” Gu Zhenkang kept saying as if he were full of confidence.

He was asking her for approval, but even if she did not approve, they were still using it.

He did not want to bring any trouble to Lord Ling, as long as she agreed.

Gu Chaoyan looked at them coldly.

Seeing her staying silent, Mrs.

Gu said unhappily, “You wont be able to use your mothers dowries, you are divorced and you wont be able to marry anybody, those dowries will not be useful for you.

You are the lineal daughter, so you should be tolerant, give them to your Second Sister, she is marrying Lord Ling!”

She looked at Gu Chaoyan sarcastically.

She just could not stand it that Mrs.

Lin had the wedding first and became the first Mrs.

Gu! She was just a daughter of a business family, and she even gave birth to a lineal daughter!

Sure enough, time would tell.

Her daughter was the Phoenix Girl, someone who was marrying the Lord! What about Ms.

Lins daughter

She was divorced and no one would marry her again.

She was going to take control of her marriage in the future too.

Oh man, Ms.

Lin… Mrs.

Gu said inwardly, “You are not a match for me.” She smiled deeply.

“Gu Chaoyan, you have to give the dowries to your Second Sister, whether you want to or not!” Gu Zhenkang bellowed.

“I would like to see who dares to steal my Princess Consorts dowries!” Zhou Huaijin said coldly.

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