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Chapter 374: The Dowery 1

Gu Ruxue let out a sigh of relief.

For one moment, she thought that her mother was telling this to her father.

If that happened, she would have been sorry to have revealed the secret.

She asked Mrs.

Gu to sit down.

“Mom, be sure never to tell father about this matter.

It is too important! We have to keep the secret and talk about this when I am officially married.”


Gu nodded.

She understood the importance hidden under the matter.

She was an experienced woman, after all.

“Dont worry, I will listen to your words.

Only you and I know about this matter.” Mrs.

Gu replied.

“I will speak with your father about the dowries, and we will keep this as a secret, and…”


“If you are the Phoenix Girl, Lord Ling has to marry you.

Can you take this opportunity and help your brother get a job first Lord Ling will definitely do that favor for you.” Mrs.

Gu said.

Gu Ruxue nodded, hearing the request.

Her brother would come in handy, even when she got married.

So mother was right, they had to get him a job first.

And when he gathered enough forces in the future, she would probably need his help as well.

Instead of thinking anything more, she nodded directly.

“Okay, I will talk with the Lord about this when I see him.”


Gu was assured.

She took hold of Gu Ruxues hands and said, “Ruxue, go back and have some rest, and I will talk with your father about the dowries.

We have to give you great dowries.”

“Mom, you are so kind.” Gu Ruxue said.


Gu patted her hand and took off.

Gu Zhenkang was just talking with Chen Fu about what to do when Mrs.

Gu arrived.

Gu Zhenkang showed a bright smile at Mrs.

Gu – he was right to have married Mrs.

Gu who gave birth to a daughter that gave them honor!

“Take a seat.” Gu Zhenkang pointed at a position and said, “The Lord says that he is marrying Ruxue, and we are talking about what to do.

Ruxue is marrying the Lord, and we have to be well dressed so as not to lose face! We have to treat the ministers in the court, oh man, we are gaining reputation!”

Gu Zhenkang was cheerful from head to toes, and Mrs.

Gu was showing great passion as well.


Gu smiled alongside as well – that was a happy thing for the Gu Mansion.

She had just taken a seat and looked at Chen Fu.

“You can leave now, me and Old Master need to talk about something.”

Chen Fu answered briefly and left.

Gu Zhenkang was very concerned too.

Seeing Mrs.

Gus serious face, he knew that she was discussing something important with him.

He passed a cup of tea to her and asked, “What is it, dear”


Gu took a sip of tea.

She was very satisfied with Gu Zhenkang.

After Lord Ling fell for Ruxue, this man of hers barely visited his concubines and treated her well.

“Ruxue just told me that Lord is marrying her.

If that is the case, we have to make a big deal on Ruxues dowries.

Any idea in mind” Mrs.

Gu asked.

Gu Zhenkang patted his head.

He almost forgot about this matter.

He had been thinking about how to host the feast so that he could look good, but he forgot about the most important part…

Lord mentioned that if Ruxue got pregnant first, she could become the Princess Consort! So the dowries had to look good.

“That is easy.


Lin left lots of dowries, anyway, right”

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