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Chapter 365: Regret 3

The words had just been spoken, when Gu Chaoyan and Sword One turned around and left the room.

Madame Gu was completely anxious by this time.

She had wanted to stop Gu Chaoyan, but she could not move.

Instead, all she could do was to sit paralyzed where she was.

She had thought that it was a nice opportunity for her, but what she had not expected was that she had set herself up.

She was reminded of many memories, some were from the past, some in the recent years.

She felt miserable.

Why Why did she always think that Gu Chaoyan would be the most useless person of all She should not have failed to notice Lord Huais attitudes towards her!

Outside the room.

Gu Chaoyan left with Sword One.

She was about to take her leave when she saw Cai Ming standing outside the room in a lowered manner.

She turned around and pulled out a bottle of medical pills which she passed on to Cai Ming.

“Take it, these are some supplementary pills! It might not help Madame Gu up, but she will feel better.”

She thought for a while, then she took out some money.

“Old Master might not treat you well now, here is some money, it may come handy.”

As she finished saying the words, she sighed and left.

Cai Ming thanked her constantly with the stuff in her hands.

After she saw off Gu Chaoyan, she turned around and gave the stuff to Madame Gu.

“Madame Gu, Lady Chaoyan still cares about you, here are the pills and money she left for you.”

Madame Gu had been lying in bed in a dead manner, but hearing what Cai Ming said and seeing what she had in her hands… She stayed silent.

Then she sighed heavily.

“I have made a huge mistake!”

She was born a lineal daughter and she had been taught to behave like one.

When she grew up, she was taught to behave like a lineal daughter to defend herself.

For dozens of years, she had been following her own principles and standards, and she thought that she had done well.

The most successful thing she had ever done was to make her daughter the Princess Gu, and what she cared most about was her son and the Gu Mansion.

She had done too much.

However, in the end, those people she had dedicated the most to deserted her, they were not even as caring as the granddaughter she never paid attention to.

Unfortunately, she had made a huge mistake.

She felt that if she had not followed Princess Gus advice and got her engaged to the second Young Master, nothing like this would have happened and Gu Chaoyan would have treated her like her own grandmother and even given her a hand, but now… She had nothing left.

Seeing what Cai Ming was holding in hand, Madame Gu said tiredly, “Just put those things away.

They will come handy one day.”

Cai Ming had no idea what happened, but she nodded and put those things away.


At the Qiong Pavilion.

Finally, Gu Chaoyan got time to take a rest.

She made a cup of tea and thought of a book she had not finished reading.

So she said to Sword One.

“Sword One, where did you put The Saint Divine Anecdotes”

Sword One started to search for the book, but she failed to find it after a long while.

Then she realized what happened.

She looked at her own Miss.

“Miss, when we were in the court, Young Duke asked me if I had any books to read because he was very bored.

So I gave it to him, but we left in a hurry, so I forgot to get it back.

What about me visiting the court tomorrow and getting it back from him”

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