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Chapter 362: Conditions

Sword One shielded Gu Chaoyan and looked at Cai Ming with her hand on her sword.

She was on the verge of pulling out her sword once she noticed something weird going on.

Seeing Elder Misss cautious look, Cai Ming patted her head and forgot that she had not explained that to her.

“Dont worry, Elder Miss, I am bringing you to Madame Gus yard.


Gu said that she would not feel well living in the old yard, so the Old Master asked Madame Gu to move out.

She is not living at Pear Garden any more, she is living here at the side-yard.”

Gu Chaoyan looked at Cai Ming and knew that she was not lying.

When she mentioned where Madame Gu was living, she seemed worried.

So she asked Sword One to put away the sword.

And then she asked Cai Ming to lead the way.

Now Gu Zhenkang was in charge of the whole mansion, and Gu Chaoyan was very aware of that.

However, she had assumed that even if Madame Gu had a stroke, Gu Zhenkang would not have treated his mother terribly.

After all… Madame Gu adored Gu Zhenkang greatly.

And what Madam Gu had done was all for Gu Zhenkangs sake.

However, what she had not expected, was that the moment Madam Gu fell ill, Gu Zhenkang would leave her alone and even allow Mrs.

Gu to take charge in the mansion.

This was a small road in front of her, a very small and distant one, but it was still better than her Qiong Pavilion.

There were two maids who were doing housework in the yard, and they did not greet them at the sight of the visitors.

Cai Ming did not bellow at them, but led Gu Chaoyan and Sword One all the way into the room.

The room was quite shabby.

Apart from the necessary goods, nothing else was available.

Gu Chaoyan thought about what Pear Garden was like before.

There was a tree there, and maids that killed the bugs.

And the embellishment at Pear Garden was extremely luxurious.

Within a short whole Madame Gu was being treated so terribly.

It seemed that Gu Zhenkang had never visited here either.

No wonder Cai Ming came to get her personally.

“Chaoyan, is that you” Madame Gu sounded quite weak.

She was not as strong as before, but the way she called out to Gu Chaoyan, sounded a bit expectant.

Gu Chaoyan came to the bedside.

Madame Gu could not sit up, but her room was clean and neat.

Thanks to the incense, the room had a light smell.

Cai Ming did her best.

Gu Chaoyan got a better impression of Cai Ming.

Madame Gu had lost a lot of weight.

She waved at her as she was lying in the bed.

Gu Chaoyan approached her, but did not speak with her before squatting down.

Yet she sounded much more gentle.

“What are you asking me for, Madame Gu”

Madame Gu looked slightly disappointed, but she was not saddened.

So she asked straightforwardly.

She said, “I know you are a skilled doctor, and your mother left you some prescriptions.

I was just wondering… if I can still be cured”

As she was speaking, Madame Gu was not sure if she had asked the right question.

So she continued, “If you are able to cure me, I can guarantee that you will marry someone wonderful in the future.”

As she finished saying the words Madame Gu felt very assured.

She felt that she had offered the best she could, and this girl was definitely going to agree.

Hearing the words, Sword One was very annoyed.

She snapped directly, “Madame Gu, you dont know who my Miss is going to marry in the future, right”

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