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Chapter 352: Worried

Hearing her wronged voice which reflected a little fright, Zhou Huaijin felt very concerned.

He took hold of her shivering body and said, “Dont worry, it is me! I heard that you tripped at the gate of Qianqing Palace, so I worried that you got hurt.

I was just worried! Sword One is right outside.”

Then he caressed her back comfortably.

Gu Chaoyan did not shiver as badly as before, so he released her and did not dare to do anything more.

Then he said softly, “Just hang in here, I will ask Sword One to come in and serve you.”

He turned his gaze and was about to leave, when Gu Chaoyan took hold of his robe.

Zhou Huaijin was feeling very guilty.

He felt guilty that he was so inconsiderate that he almost frightened her.

He should have informed her in advance.

Feeling that his robe was tugged, he did not dare to look at her, but asked gently as he stood still, “What is it”

“I got hurt here.” Gu Chaoyan sounded much calmer.

It had been too sudden and she was startled, but it was Zhou Huaijin, so everything was fine.

She said the words and then tugged his robe with a little more force.

Only now did Zhou Huaijin dare to look at Gu Chaoyan, whose eyes seemed to flush with redness.

She must have gotten frightened earlier, but now she was looking at him with sparkles in her eyes.

Zhou Huaijin was feeling quite wounded himself.

He was worried that she got displayed because of him.

He was about to ask Sword One to come in.

Gu Chaoyan took a seat and then lifted the bottom of her pants as she showed him her knees.

“I was so nervous that I tripped as I was walking, but the wound isnt that serious, and it should be fine soon.

I did not tell Sword One, fearing that she would worry about me,” Gu Chaoyan said nonchalantly.

She was not a very conventional person.

After all, it was quite normal for people in the 21st century to show their arms and legs.

She had no idea what happened.

She just got frightened, but now everything was fine when she came back to herself.

Seeing the wound, Zhou Huaijin frowned.

He then brought out the cream that he had with him, which was quite useful in wound healing.

He put the cream on the wound and said, “You are a bold girl, so what made you so nervous facing Father You even tripped!” Zhou Huaijin found it both irritating and amusing.

Gu Chaoyan pursed her lips and sounded helpless.

“I am worried about our marriage! He is your father, after all,” Gu Chaoyan said casually.

It was normal for a daughter-in-law to get nervous when she was facing her husbands parents.

Zhou Huaijin laughed, but he was also quite concerned.

If she had not taken him into consideration, she would not have tolerated the pain.

After he finished putting on the cream, Zhou Huaijin said, “Father is not taking part in our competition, so you have the call of whom to marry.

You are picking me, arent you”

Gu Chaoyan raised her eyebrows and nodded with a smile.

“I will get the wedding gifts ready and inform your uncle before the proposal is made.

When we are engaged, all will be fine,” Zhou Huaijin said with a smile.

Gu Chaoyan was in a good mood too.

Everything seemed to be going more smoothly than she expected.

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