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Chapter 343: Lord Ling Was Here

He already heard what happened, when he came to the imperial hospital.

He had thought that Lady Chaoyans major achievements were that she was accepted by Saint College.

He assumed that she felt a bit interested in medicine.

However, he had not expected that Lady Chaoyan would be so skilled at medicine, and that she managed to save the Young Duke who even the imperial doctors failed to save.

As a result, Chaoyan saved the Young Duke who was now in a steady state.

In this way, not only did Duke Norths Mansion owe Lady Chaoyan a favor, but she was also going to be very popular as a doctor in the capital.

Therefore he was even more determined to marry her.

Even if Lady Chaoyan might not be the Phoenix Girl, her being next to him would still boost him up.

He was willing to promise her a lifetime of luxury.

With these thoughts in his mind, Lord Ling found Gu Chaoyan increasingly interesting and beautiful.

Gu Chaoyan, on the other hand, frowned.

She had met the servant from the Lin Family who told her that Lord Ling intended to marry two girls at the same time.

It was alright if he was into the Monks words, but it made her disgusted, when he looked at her in this way.

Gu Chaoyan said coldly, “What do you want, Lord”

“I went to Saint College to find you, but I heard that you came to the court, so I am here to keep you company out of the court, how does that sound” Lord Ling said with a smile on his face.

He was an extremely patient person when he was speaking with those who were practical to him.

Even if the girl was treating him coldly – he did not mind that at all.

Nor would he get angry.

He had a firm belief – as long as he had abundant patience, he would definitely get whatever he wanted.

“No thanks.” Gu Chaoyan answered stiffly, finding this man so disgusting.

If it were in her previous life, she would have hit him directly.

At this time, Sword One came to her in a hurry.

Gu Chaoyan let out a sigh of relief at the sight of Sword One, otherwise she was at a loss of how to get rid of this annoying man.

“My girl is here, thank you for the offer, Lord Ling.” Gu Chaoyan said expressionlessly, and then headed towards Sword One, hastening up her pace.

Zhou Huailing frowned slightly.

He was the Lord, a highly respected lord.

No one dared to go against his power.

Now he already demeaned himself as he spoke with this woman who was slapping him in the face.

Zhou Huailing could not help but feel rather furious.

He stretched out his hand to take hold of Gu Chaoyan, who dodged aside, looking at Zhou Huailing full of alarm.

Seeing her alarmed look, Zhou Huailing suddenly stopped being angry.

He thought that he was detested by this woman, but as it turned out, she was just scared of him.

That was fine, a Lord like him could unavoidably be somehow intimidating.

He took a few more steps and started to walk shoulder to shoulder with Gu Chaoyan.

He said with a gentle tone, “You dont have to be scared of me.

I wont do anything to you.

I just want to talk with you for a moment.”

Gu Chaoyans eyebrows were knitted.

She had never met anyone as annoying as this man.

“Can I speak with you alone” Lord Ling asked.

“Lord, I still have other jobs to do.

The Young Duke has just woken up and he is not in a steady state yet.

I need to boil the medicine now, you can go down to your own business,” Gu Chaoyan said impatiently.

She had not intended to go to the medicine room, but now she decided to head there directly.

Zhou Huailing thought for a while and realized that it might not be a proper time yet so he nodded.

“Then I will come to you again when Zheng Chenyi gets better.”

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