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Chapter 337: Two Girls 1

As far as Xie Yan could see, it was just a minor matter.

He knew Gu Zhenkang well.

He was in a low position and totally incapable.

The reason why he was able to survive in the capital was only because he had two capable wives.

Now when he was able to be related to Lord Ling, he was going to agree and approve of everything.

Therefore, he was not at all worried about this visit.

Gu Zhenkang came to greet him, when he told the guards who he was.

Seeing Xie Yan, he put on a flattering smile.

“Greetings, Officer Xie, anything I can do for you today”

Then he asked Xie Yan to take a seat inside.

Xie Yan smiled in satisfaction, but said nothing directly.

Instead, he took a sip of the tea in the hall and started slowly, “I am here today, because Lord Ling is wondering about one thing here.”

Gu Zhenkang was startled.

Then he smiled and rubbed his hands.

It was such a wonderful thing that the Lord was wondering something about him.

He was also thinking about how to get Yunhe, who was already at home for so long, to establish a friendship with Lord so he could get a good job for him.

If he could take this opportunity and get his son involved, then all would be perfect! Otherwise Yunhe would be considered as a jobless man in the capital.

“What can I do for the Lord” Gu Zhenkang asked discreetly with a trying tone.

Xie Yan nodded with a smile.

He enjoyed having conversations with this kind of people – they were simply so easy to deal with.

Instead of wasting time in making a speech, Xie Yan said straightforwardly, “The Second Lady will step into adulthood next spring and she should be getting ready for the wedding.

Lord Ling thinks that since the Elder Miss and the Second Lady are such great sisters, they could simply marry him together so that they could help each other at the mansion.

Now the Princess Consort has not yet given birth to any child, so if either of the sisters gives birth to a baby in the future, that baby might gain the title of Prince.” Xie Yan continued to spill out all the advantages, which were just casual promises he tried to make to this man.

Gu Zhenkang had a very complicated expression on his face.

If his daughter could give birth to a Prince, then all would be perfect, but he did not think that it was an easy thing to make Gu Chaoyan marry Lord Ling.

Ruxue might be unhappy about that, and he had no rights to decide whom Gu Chaoyan was going to marry.

Gu Zhenkang got a little bit messy inwardly.

Xie Yan was surprised too.

He thought that as long as he made some seductive promises, Gu Zhenkang would agree instantly, but he was hesitating!

That basically meant that he was not willing to do that.

Xie Yan felt very furious inwardly.

Why would Gu Zhenkang not be happy about this proposal His daughter was going to marry the lord!

However, he could not vent the anger now.

In the Lords heart, what happened with the Gu Family was more important than any other errands.

He had to make it right, otherwise he would lose his job with the Lord.

“What are your concerns” Xie Yan asked.

“I promised the Lin Family that they should decide whom Gu Chaoyan is marrying.” Gu Zhenkang said with embarrassment.

As far as he could tell, Lord Ling should marry Ruxue, not that ugly Gu Chaoyan who was totally not worth the honor.

That was a humiliation to Ruxue! However, he could not turn down the proposal personally, so he had to push the pressure on the Lin Family.

“Officer Xie, I have to remind you one thing,” Gu Zhenkang said with a meaningful tone.

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