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Chapter 335: The Contest 3

“That cant be possible.” Xue Feihan said in disbelief.

Everyone would want to have the special rights granted by the Medical Department – there were a lot of profits brought about when one had the special rights.

At least, the student with the special rights could be guaranteed a future.

That was why he approved of the contest.

He was sure that the students would spare no efforts in the contest just to get the qualification.

The Dean shook his head with a smile and pointed at the girl not far from him.

“Look at the herbs in her hands.

She already has one to go and the remaining one isnt difficult to get.

And she ignored that herb as she passed by it a while ago.

Just look at her, she is just observing the other herbs in the field rather than picking up the one written on the note.

The winner wont be her, but the other one.” The Dean pointed at Li Yuanxiang.

Li Yuanxiang already got nine herbs, and had only one to go.

Xue Feihan got startled suddenly.

That was the case!

So it seemed that he had ruined the situation by starting the contest, so he asked with a guilty voice, “Dean, what should we do”

“It is fine, she is still a student here, we can find other occasions for her to contribute,” the Dean said.

It was an unfortunate matter, but not totally unrecoverable.

Huang Xuan, who was listening next to them, disagreed.

She did not like it when the Dean spoke so highly of the girl – she was not that special at all.

So she said, “I guess that she is just afraid of taking over the mission.

Are you sure she made those pills If not, she is just trying to cover up her own lies.

Just because she can distinguish the herbs, doesnt necessarily mean that she is skilled at making medical pills.”

The Dean frowned slightly as he heard the words.

He had already noticed that Huang Xuan was displeased with Gu Chaoyan, but she did not have to do so, since they were not enemies.

He assumed that she was just a little bit more strict against her.

However, hearing those words, the Dean was not at all pleased.

He thought that Huang Xuan was being over the top.

“That is not the case.

The staff at our Medical Department are already top professionals, but even we are unable to make medicinal pills like that.

Nor are we able to obtain such pills either.

It is not possible that she paid a high price for the pills from somewhere else, because Gu Chaoyan has never even been out of the capital! Also, her birth mother Mrs.

Lins family used to be the supplier for the imperial court.

It is possible that her mother gave her some guidance in making the medicine.” The Dean said.

He had done some investigation about Gu Chaoyan, before he was certain that Gu Chaoyan made them herself.

The Dean of the Saint College was not stupid after all.

Huang Xuan did not say anything more, but she was still wearing a look of disapproval.

The Dean sighed and shook his head.

He did not say anything more either.

He should have a serious talk with Huang Xuan in the near future, he believed.

As they were talking…

Li Yuanxiang already found ten herbs and came to the side of the Dean in full confidence.

Then she passed the notes and herbs to the Dean and said, “Here you are, Sir.”

The Dean could tell at the first glance that all were right.

Although he felt a little bit sad that Gu Chaoyan spared the seat for someone else, it was still a great thing that a student like Li Yuanxiang was accepted.

He nodded with a smile.

“You are the champion here.

Good luck to your next contest.”

Li Yuanxiang nodded happily.

She was glad, yet she was still wearing a calm expression on her face.

At this moment, Gu Chaoyan followed with composure.

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