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Chapter 334: The Contest 2

That was the first time for Gu Chaoyan to see how Li Yuanxiang was doing in her profession.

She was steady and her eyes were profits-driven.

It was a totally different Li Yuanxiang than she had remembered.

She was more shining than the time she saw her doing the horse-racing.

She was so confident at this moment.

Gu Chaoyan smiled briefly, checked her own routine and picked four or five herbs.

Then she stood still and continued to check out the other herbs.

Soon, she spotted the rest of the herbs.

Then she headed into the direction of the other herbs.

“What is Gu Chaoyan doing here She is not at all in a hurry.” Xue Feihan asked in confusion.

After all, she was the candidate to make the medicine, but since the other students were unconvinced and requested a contest, she was the one being challenged! However, she was not at all in a hurry and took everything at a slow pace.

What if she lost the contest!

The reason why he approved of the contest was because he would like to try her out.

If she was as excellent as she was said to be, then he would be totally convinced too.

The pills she made were excellent, but no one could prove that it was she who made them.

What if she bought them after all Then the Medical Department would be a laughing stock for the public.

“She is just being weird.

Maybe she is not at all capable! I was against choosing her directly at that time, and now we still need the contest!” Huang Xuan snapped unhappily.

Although women doctors were accepted to the Medical Department, when she was accepted to Saint College at the beginning, she spent so much effort just to reach this position.

However, now, this student was favored directly! So Huang Xuan did not like this girl called Gu Chaoyan at all.

The Dean laughed.


“If you observe carefully enough, you will find that she has her own way of carrying out the mission! She was standing there seeking the herbs with her sight, and went to the spot directly according to her own routine.

She saved a lot of time! Look at her, she has just two or three herbs to go whilst everyone else has only gotten two.” The Dean analysed.


He saw Li Yuanxiang and nodded with approval.

That student was not as excellent as Gu Chaoyan, yet she was still a calm and attentive one, much better than the other students.

Then he turned to Gu Chaoyan.

She had found the other herbs, but she did not go and pick them directly, instead she started to stroll around in the medical field.

Soon the Dean understood.

He turned to Xue Feihan and sighed, “Xue, you have made a mistake!”

“You are trying her, so you started the contest, but that girl doesnt want to win at all.

You are offering her an excuse not to make the medicine for our department,” the Dean said with an unfortunate tone.

He had understood clearly what this girl was capable of the other day.

That was why he accepted her to the Medical Department directly and gave her the right to make the medicine – he expected that she could make some contribution for the Medical Department, but now…

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