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Chapter 332: Contest

He thought that what Xie Yan said made sense.

Xie Yan had been his strategist for a long time, and he was a discreet, careful man.

It was not possible that he saw the wrong girl.

Then the explanation of why the Elder Miss changed so tremendously and fast was quite reasonable.

So if that was the case, she was most likely to be the one.

However, that was an uncertain matter.

So he could not give up Ruxue either.

“Got it.

Ask Gu Zhenkang if he would like both of his daughters to marry me,” Lord Ling asked.

Xie Yan let out a sigh of relief.

That he received a mission basically meant that he was forgiven.

Thank God that the Lord did not fire him directly, just because of this matter.


At the Medical Department.

When Gu Chaoyan and Li Yuanxiang arrived, the classroom was packed with students.

What surprised Gu Chaoyan was that Liu Hanxiang was in the Medical Department too.

As far as she remembered, she did not even make it into the Saint College.

How did she end up being here Could it have been Gu Ruxues work

Gu Chaoyan was in the middle of confusion, when Liu Hanxiang asked.

“Sir, I am not convinced.

Why could Gu Chaoyan go and make the medicine directly Could it have been because of Lord Huais care”

Liu Hanxiangs words caused chaotic noise among the students, who were apparently very confused and concerned about this.

They were accepted to the Medical Department with their own abilities.

And some of them were actually quite capable.

However, when they were here, they saw Gu Chaoyan getting the chance of making the medicine without contest, which made them totally unconvinced.

So they raised their voices, “Sir, we are not convinced either!”

Facing this situation, Xue Feihan frowned slightly.

The reason why Gu Chaoyan was selected to make the medicine was only because of the pills the Dean gave to him.

Those were extremely excellent pills that even he was not able to make.

Therefore, he was not going to waste his talent.

He offered all the materials to her so she could make the pills of her own accord.

However, those arrogant students spoke so highly of themselves.

If that was the case, the demoractic Xue Feihan decided to convince them by holding a contest that made all of them losers.

“If that is the case, then lets make a decision through a contest.” Xue Feihan said, “Such contests have not been in use for decades.

It is a tradition inherited from our ancestors.

I didnt expect that it could be used today in front of you.

Dont disappoint me.”

A contest

The whole classroom got excited when they heard the word “contest”.

They would be totally convinced, if the results of the contest could decide their destinies.

At least in this way, the destiny was under their own control.

“Sir, what is the contest” Liu Hanxiang got slightly excited.

She thought highly of herself in these aspects.

If she could stand out among the crowd and got qualified enough to make the medicine, then the whole family was definitely going to put their hope in her.

With Gu Ruxue as her friend, she might… She might even have the chance to marry other lords, and share the same social status as Ruxue.

She just could not wait for that to happen.

“The contest is related to medicine.

Since we are selecting the person for medicine making, then we are going to find out who is the most capable person in distinguishing medical materials.

As for what the contest is going to be like, we need to make some preparations first.

Tomorrow, the teachers and the dean of the Medical Department will all be here.

By that time, what you need to do is to listen to the rules.”

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