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Chapter 323: Something for You

He did like this girl, and thought that she was capable, but the legal wife had to be from some equally noble family as his, otherwise he would not be able to have a great reputation in the capital, if people knew that his legal wife used to be a maid!

Gu Yunhe was very pissed – what a stupid girl!

Hearing what he said, Sword One became quite furious as well.

She was not a mild-tempered person! She was one of the top hitmen at the Shadow Door who was assigned to keep Elder Miss safe, because her master cared about Elder Miss! However, this shameless man was humiliating her here and asking her to become a concubine

Sword One could not stand that any more.

She stepped up and slapped Gu Yunhes face, causing his face to turn completely red.

Gu Yunhe was totally shocked so he fell speechless, but Gu Zhenkang realized what was going on.

“How dare you hit the Elder Young Master!”

Hearing these words, Sword One gave Gu Yunhe some more kicks.

As he fell onto the ground, Sword One brought out her sword.

“Who do you think you are, how dare you humiliate me!”


“If I ever hear such a word again in the future, I will kill you directly.” Sword One said in an intimidating tone.

Gu Chaoyan had been wearing a brief smile on her face.

She did agree with what Sword One did.

“How… how dare you kill your master!” Gu Zhenkangs fingers, which were pointing at Sword One, kept shivering.

Sword One threw a glance at Gu Zhenkang.

Then she said indifferently, “You are not my masters.

I belong to Lord Huai! You dont like my behavior Go and tell Lord Huai then!”

“You… you!” Gu Zhenkang just could not finish his words.

He turned to Gu Chaoyan.

“Look at what your maid has done!”

“Father, Sword One is Lord Huais maid, and her contract is not in my charge.

I cant do anything about that.

Back at the study, I turned down your proposal already, but you insisted on coming to ask her.

What can I do when you irritate her” Gu Chaoyan said with an expression of helplessness, as if she truly could do nothing about it.

Gu Zhenkang stomped his feet.

“Please, Ms.

Sword One, put down your sword.

He would not dare to say a thing like that ever again.”

Sword One squinted at Gu Yunhe, then she withdrew the sword in a lazy manner.

Bellowed at by Gu Zhenkang, Gu Yunhe truly wanted to take off directly.

Gu Yunhe was still shocked.

How did this girl get to slap him and kick him He was not a bad martial artist, so how did this girl get to do that to him! And how dare she hit him!

Gu Yunhe was completely confused, but now quiet finally dominated the Qiong Pavilion.

Gu Chaoyan sighed and looked at Sword One, looking very guilty.

Sword One was her girl, but she could not defend her.

“Sword One, I am sorry for what happened to you today.” Gu Chaoyan said.

“Miss, dont be sorry, I got it.” Sword One said.

She was one of the top hitmen at the Shadow Door, but she was, after all, a servant.

Few masters would respect a servants willingness, and when Miss did that, she realized that she was worth dying for.

And miss was not in a proper status either, that was why she did it.

Gu Chaoyan smiled at her.

Sword One suddenly thought of something.

“Oh yes, Miss, here is something for you.”

Sword One led Gu Chaoyan to the hall.

Then took out the pack of snacks and passed it to Gu Chaoyan.

“Second Young Master Gu gave it to you.

He said that he brought them home on the way here, some long-lasting snacks for you to eat when you starve.”

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