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Chapter 314: Marriage

“What again” She had just spoken when the sword was already upon that mans throat.

Gu Yunxuan looked shocked and surprised, and then stared at Sword One with a look of admiration.

After spending such a long time in the army, he had met many skillful people, but none of them were as excellent as this girl in front of him.

This girl had her back to him a minute ago, and she was showing total indifference, but she was able to use the right spot and strength, so the sword fell upon his throat accurately.

If this girl had the intention of killing him, he would have dropped dead directly, instead of having a chance to fight back.

Sword One got a little embarrassed at the sight of this strange face.

She thought that the maniac returned.

This man was a stranger too, but he wasnt as annoying as the one before.

She softened her tone.

“Who are you, what are you doing”

Gu Yunxuan now was reminded of what he was here for.

He showed an apologetic smile, “Dont worry, lady, I mean no harm.

I just brought some snacks on the way home, and the snacks could last for a long time.

I have prepared these for Chaoyan, please tell her to put them away carefully.

If she is not fed well, eat them! I was in a hurry home today, so I didnt have time to buy the salted chicken she likes, but I can sneak in some these days, when I have a chance.”

Then he passed the package to Sword One.

“You are Chaoyans friend, arent you If she is not okay to see me, just pass this on to her please.”

Then he threw another look in the direction of the room, looking very concerned.

Sword One took a look at the package and then at Gu Yunxuan.

For some reason, she felt tears swelling up into her eyes.

She blinked her eyes, restraining the tears from rolling out.

She had been a very rock-hearted person, but after spending time with Elder Miss, she became easily moved.

This must be the other young master of the mansion.

He was a concubines son and she passed away when he was little.

Madame Gu paid attention to him, only because he was a boy.

He had a better time than Elder Miss, but that wasnt much better either.

Unexpectedly, he was still thinking about Miss on the way home.

Sword One felt tears welling up in her eyes, as she nodded seriously at Gu Yunxuan.

“When Miss is home, I will pass it on to her.”

“Where is she” Gu Yunxuan was surprised.

Wasnt she forbidden to leave the mansion before Soon, Gu Yunxuan thought of the rumor he heard on the way home.

It seemed that she was having a better time now, and she was allowed to leave the mansion.

“The Jiang Mansion.” Sword One answered sincerely.

Gu Yunxuan nodded and thought nothing more.

He thought that it might be a mansion that was in a great relationship with the Gu Mansion.

Then he pointed at the door.

“I need to go now.”

Sword One greeted him.

Gu Yunxuan smiled and left.


At Gu Zhenkangs study.

Gu Zhenkang was surprised to see Gu Yunhe coming back to him.

He was about to leave when he took the seat again.

“What is it”

Gu Yunhe found a place and sat down.

Hearing what his father asked, he thought of the cold yet pretty girl a while ago.

He showed a very proud smile.


I do have one thing.

Dad, I am not young any more, and I am the eldest son in the mansion.

Back in the army, I could not possibly think about this, but now that I am back, do you think that I should get married soon”

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